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Arcane and Esoteric Research:

I have been a student of metaphysics and the occult since I could read. I also am a student of folklore, ghosts and cryptozoology, including John Fort "Fortean;" phenomena (you might want to check your local magazine stores for the incredible [and often amusing] UK publication Fortean Times): Fortean Times): Nessie (of Scotland's Loch Ness, who even has her own fan club), Sasquatch, the Chupacabra, lycanthropy, the Jersey Devil, UFOs, such as alien contact, alien abductions (such as author Whitley Streiber's Communion Page), government cover-ups such as the famous New Mexico 1947 Roswell crash, etc.

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Linney's Ghostly Encounter
Actress Laura Linney was forced to review her disbelief in ghosts when she saw a spectre at New York's Belasco Theater. The play house is famously haunted, but skeptic Linney felt sure she wouldn't come across a spirit - because she wasn't open to the idea.
She says, "I was doing a play called 'Honor' and the theatre is notoriously haunted. I heard about the legends of it for years, being a theatre person. The ghosts usually show up when the play is about to open and sure enough, we were doing a final run-through and I looked up and there in the upper balcony, which is a balcony that you can have no access to because it's locked from the street, I saw a woman standing at the balcony. She was at the edge of the balcony in a baby blue satin dress and blonde crimped hair. It didn't scare me. I just saw her there and I just thought, 'Hello,' and then I turned and said a line to my co-star, and then I looked up and the ghost was gone."
A few days after her "little invitation" (sic), Linney took the story to the theatre manager, who filled her in with the place's dark past. She adds, "He told me that the electric guys will not go in the basement. The deceased theatre owner, David Belasco, supposedly shows up along with this one woman. So, I believe in ghosts now. I've experienced that."

After I sent out the Laura Linny article, my friend Raz relayed a couple of his own encounters...

I've had my share of ghostly encounters too at work...
Let me explain:
Our catering company is located in the parking structure of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and usually on weekends posh people have private cocktail parties/banquets in the "Gold Room"/grand ballroom directly above the theater. We usually set up in the hallway which connects the ballroom to the balcony of the theater.
One evening past midnight after a banquet was over, my friend Sandra and I were tidying up the hallway, loading our kitchen carts full of stuff that we needed to get back to the kitchen. A light directly next to the stairway to the balcony began to flicker once. We didn't pay attention to it at first and I just joked about it saying oooh it's the ghosts.
A couple of minutes later it happened again but longer. So we decided to check it out. We went up the balcony which when not in use is roped off with velvet ropes and it's pitch black up there. We were walking up the stairs and feeling the walls to not tip over a step when we saw an older gentleman really nicely dressed in top hat and tails very 1930-ish.
The only reason I'm saying he was old is because he had a cane. We never saw his face because his back was turned. As we got closer to the actual balcony he made a turn right around the corner. We followed when we got in no one was there! He had disappeared. We looked all around to see if he materialize once more but he didn't.
Then there was another time I saw a female ghost along the lobby at the east foyer.
I was by myself at that time so I was a bit more on edge, being alone and in the dark. She too was heading up to the same balcony but, I guess the heat and emotions I was giving off made her realize I was frightened so she turned around and bowed her head gracefully and continued up.
I left her at that and continued out the exit towards Green Street...

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Regarding metaphysics, I am a deep believer in psychism and in lucid dreaming and astral projection (there's an astral projection community called Out-of-Body at Excite Communities).

I've done a little traveling in my time; I've been to Jerome and the lovely Sedona, Arizona, and I dwell in the equally metaphysical (as well as haunted) Hollywood area.

I was born in the Chinese astrological calendar of the Year of the Rooster, that particular Rooster year being that of the element of Fire. I am not of Asian descent however (rather British with some Scottish and apparently a drop of German); I was born in Brooklyn, New York at 8:00am (also giving me a Taurus Moon with Gemini Rising) and was raised in a then-pleasant New Jersey state suburb called Pompton Plains in Pequannock Township.