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100 Best Books for Kids   
This list was selected by the National Education Association, is posted on the TeachersFirst.com website, and recommends best books for kids grouped by age level. There are also site links to Reading Resources, Storytelling Resources, and Reading Lessons.

From the homepage, choose a site version (English or French), then navigate through areas for professional development, curricular resources, teacher tools, project information, technology integration, and more. From the homepage, there are also links to student sites (by grade level) that help with homework and offer educational activities.

A Scholarly Snow White   
If your students are exploring the Snow White fairy tale, this site has everything you need. The site includes teaching tips, 37 versions of the fairy tale plus a series of illustrations, information about films, videos and recordings, excerpts on the context, excerpts of criticism of "Snow White," selected Links on Fairy Tales, Folklore and on "Snow White," and a selected bibliography.

A Teacher's Guide to Fair Use and Copyright   
A Teacher's Guide to Fair Use and Copyright is an online resource to help teachers and students better understand about copyright and fair use.

A to Z Teacher Stuff   
A to Z Teacher Stuff provides teachers with free lesson plans, thematic units, printables, and other resources. The active discussion forums allow teachers to exchange ideas and give advice on a variety of issues.

Adventures of E-Wally   
Based on an adventure tale, this site models safe and responsible Internet habits while providing online lesson plans, games, and resources that engage students of varied learning styles. After using technology with this book, teachers will develop transferable skills that can be used with any other book they teach.

Aesop's Fables   
This online collection of Aesop's fables includes a total of 655+ fables, indexed in table format, with morals listed.

AfterSchool.gov connects teachers and after-school workers with federal resources and support. It also maintains extensive and thorough links to websites that are helpful for teachers who are researching a subject for the classroom and for students who are researching for homework assignments.

America's Story From America's Library   
America's Story from America's Library is created by the Library of Congress. Games, activities, and a reading list are added to historical collections featured in the Library of Congress.

American Folklore   
This website contains numerous tales of American folklore. The site is organized around different themes, such as Famous Characters, Historical Folklore, and Regional Folktales. Along with these areas, there is also a complete alphabetical list of all the different tales on the site.

American Masters Database of Visual Artists   
This index has access to biographical information and images of visual art created by some of America's most famous artists. It is a wonderful resource for anyone connecting art and reading or writing.

AOL@SCHOOL is designed by educators for educators. It offers portals for teachers, administrators and age appropriate portals for K-12 students. Content includes student resources and research tools, lesson plans, and management tools.

Babel Fish Translation   
This online tool from AltaVista translates words and phrases from a number of languages into English and vice versa. Because translations of more complex entries aren’t always accurate, teachers may want to supervise students’ use of the site and turn instances where it errs into learning opportunities.

Between the Lions   
This website is designed for parents and kids to surf together. Stories from the popular PBS show are posted online with links to associated games.

BookHive is designed for students through age 12, their parents and teachers. Created by public librarians in North Carolina, the site lists good children's books arranged categorically. The lists provide a synopsis of the book, its intended audience, and occasional reviews.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site   
The Carol Hurst's Children's Literature site provides reviewed book lists, activities related to the latest award winning books and professional development readings related to teaching practices.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through Children's Literature   
This site, developed and maintained by Robert F. Smith, offers annotated bibliographies of children's literature. Organized by genre these titles offer information about many cultures. Additional links are offered to many resources related to each cultured covered in the site.

Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents   
The Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents is an academic center at California State University at San Marcos. Their information can be accessed in English or in Spanish. Recommended books are updated weekly, and there is a feature that creates a customized booklist.

Children's Literature Reviews   
Children's Literature Reviews features interviews with children's book authors and illustrators, and several sets of themed reviews archived for continued reference. The site also provides more than 1000 links to author illustrator sites, publishers, kids, parent and teacher resources, children's literature collections, upcoming events relating to children's literature and much more.

Children's Literature: Beyond Basals   
This site supports K-12 teachers who wish to incorporate literature in teaching across the curriculum. There are hundreds of book guides for individual titles that suggest activities to extend the literary experience of a book in various curricular areas as well as links to curriculum idea sites.

Clickable Poems   
The Internet changes how text can be organized. Poetry is no exception. This site features an online journal of hypertext poetry. This site stretches the user to think about how we use poetry and how it is written with changing technology.

CNN Student News   
CNN Student News Web site provides news for students and resources for teachers on how to use the site. Cross curricular ideas are available for all subject areas.

Colorín Colorado!   
This bilingual site is part of Reading Rockets, WETA's multimedia initiative that provides information, activities, and advice to Spanish-speaking parents to help their children learn to read.

Content Literacy Information Consortium   
The Content Literacy Information Consortium (acronym, CLIC) is an organized set of web links of special interest to teachers and researchers interested in issues defined by "learning to read to learn." The web sites cataloged in CLIC will provide every teacher with ideas and strategies for adopting the instructional moves that empower their students to become independent, actualized learners.

Creative Proverbs from around the World   
A collection of proverbs from around the world. Proverbs may be found via key word search (12,000 proverbs from 300 countries and cultures) or via browsing by country and culture (1,500 proverbs from 100 countries and cultures). The site contains advertisements.

Culture, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in Children's Books   
This section of Cynthia Leitich Smith's personal Web page gives access to many web sites concerned with issues of culture and gender in children's and young adult literature. In the Topic Bibliographies section, brief annotations of books about Asian Americans, Native Americans, and interracial families can be found.

Distinguished Women of Past and Present   
Distinguished Women of Past and Present has biographies of women who contributed to our culture in many different ways. There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others. Some were alive hundreds of years ago and some are living today. Multiple search functions and literature connections are also available.

Documenting the American South: North American Slave Narratives   
This site, funded by NEH and the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, follows the lives of African-American slaves through slave narratives, broadsides, photographs and other resources. Texts have been collected from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, and other libraries.

Earth Day Groceries Project   
This website encourages classrooms to decorate paper grocery bags with environmental messages and to distribute these bags to stores for Earth Day.

Educational Paperback Association   
The Educational Paperback Association provides a selected list of Web Resources for Teachers and Librarians featuring sites related to authors, illustrators, resources for teachers and librarians, journal and magazines sites, and sites for children's book awards.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)   
ERIC is a national information system that provides ready access to education-related literature. ERIC’s database has more than a million records of journal articles, research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, conference papers, and books. Products and services include research syntheses, electronic journals, online directories, reference and referral services, and document delivery.

Educational Web Design   
This website provides teachers with tools to help them successfully create dynamic websites for their students. Educational Web Design includes links to sites with free graphics, sound files, and animated gifs.

EduPuppy provides content and resources for teachers and families of preschoolers through second graders. EduPuppy links to lesson plans & units, technology & integration sites, educational articles & research, ECE theories & practice, developmentally appropriate practices, special education materials, clipart, WebQuests, software reviews, and more.

Dedicated to improving the quality of learning through Internet use and other technologies, this portal provides access to technology learning articles, projects, research, and events information. Descriptions of ICT implementation in schools are provided, as well as online forums for sharing experiences, opinions, and questions.

Encyclopedia Mythica   
This online encyclopedia has entries for gods and goddesses, supernatural beings, and legendary creatures and monsters. Browse by category (mythology, folklore, etc.), or search articles by keyword.

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology   
The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology provides a comprehensive collection of short, multimedia articles on a variety of topics in the field of education technology. Many include links to supporting resources.

Fact Sheet on Research on the Teaching of Phonics   
Constance Weaver's fact sheet on the teaching of phonics explains the research behind integrating phonics instruction in a whole language curriculum. In addition to providing a clear overview, the fact sheet includes an extensive bibliography.

Fact Sheet on the Myths of Whole Language Instruction   
Constance Weaver's fact sheet counters the myths surrounding whole language instruction with clear, concise answers to the questions whole language instructors encounter most frequently.

Fact Sheet on the Nature of Whole Language Instruction   
Constance Weaver's fact sheet on the nature of whole language instruction explains the background, history, and key concepts for a whole language curriculum.

Favorite Poem Project   
The project site houses a collection of short video documentaries of Americans reading and speaking personally about poems they love. It also provides a forum for teachers and students, including poetry lesson plans and forms for submitting favorite poems.

Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance   
A Web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance, provides information about anti-bias programs and activities being implemented in schools across the country. Sections on awareness and possible actions are available for parents, teachers, teens and kids.

This site by the Family Education Network provides free educational games and quizzes in math, grammar, science, spelling, and history. It also provides excellent resources for teachers and parents.

GEM: Gateway to Educational Materials   
GEM, a project of the U.S. Department of Education, is a consortium of over 400 education institutions, from schools to professional associations, providing access to Internet-based educational materials.

Global Dimension   
This website provides materials, practical guidance, and support to help teachers incorporate a global perspective into their classes. General reference links cover an array of topics, and a database includes teacher resources.

Index to Internet Sites: Children's and Young Adults' Authors & Illustrators   
This website, hosted by James Madison University, includes an extensive collection of resources that link to websites for children's book authors, illustrators and related resources.

International Children's Digital Library   
The International Children's Digital Library has nearly 200 titles selected by national libraries, authors, and publishers representing 45 different cultures. It's aiming for 10,000 by 2005. All will online, fully illustrated, and in their original languages. There will also be some translations.

Internet Public Library Reading Room   
The Internet Public Library site contains books, magazines, and newspapers from around the world that are freely available via the Internet.

Invented Spelling and Spelling Development   
Defines invented spelling, describes the developmental stages, and considers implications for classroom instruction. Useful background research for teachers interested in helping students develop strategies for learning standard English spelling without resorting to memorization as the key to mastery.

Invention at Play   
Invention at Play, based on a Smithsonian traveling exhibit, focuses on how play inspires invention. Multiple intelligences are explored, and the site offers a variety of integration opportunities for the classroom teacher. Games for students tap into the imagination and build problem-solving skills.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators   
Covering all disciplines, this guide includes a categorized list of useful websites for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. The site includes areas like Subject Access, which includes an extensive list of education resources, and Teacher Helpers.

Kids Web Japan   
Containing information on Japanese language, folktales, customs, geography, etc., Kids Web Japan is an invaluable resource for any student or classroom learning about Japan. The site also shows kids in other countries how life for Japanese schoolchildren is similar to or different from their own.

Kids Hub is a noncommercial educational portal for upper elementary school and middle school students. It includes free online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes for language arts, math, science, social studies, and four foreign languages.

This site promotes quality reading through book reviews, related games, author biographies and interviews, and more. Students can also find out how to set up a successful book club, along with discussion guides for select books.

Language Learning and Academic Achievement    
The Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence has created a collection of research about language learning and academic achievement.

LD Online   
This site is an interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals. Numerous articles, resources, and ideas on a variety of LD topics are available.

LEO: Literacy Education Online   
Created by faculty at St. Cloud State University, LEO provides detailed advise for high school and college students interested in improving their writing. Citations, grammar rules, and organization of ideas are just a few of the topics presented.

Literacy & Technology   
Developed by the Oswego City School District in New York, this is an excellent place to begin your search for literacy resources on the Internet. This site includes links to resources that support the new literacies of the Internet as well as more traditional literacies.

Literacy Connections   
A collection of literacy resources including materials on read alouds and how to involve adult family and community members in activities with children. The Read Aloud page (http://literacyvolunteer.homestead.com/ReadingAloud.html) is particularly useful.

Merriam-Webster Online: The Language Center   
Access the full text of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, and Collegiate Thesaurus at The Language Center. Site links take you to word games, the featured word of the day, and Word Central, a language site for kids.

MidLink Magazine   
MidLink Magazine offers a Web Tutorial, guidelines for Selecting Search Tools, and Useful Skills for Web Treks. Students can learn practical skills that range from managing bookmarks and favorites to saving graphics to a folder or disk. The mission of MidLink Magazine is to highlight exemplary work from the most creative classrooms around the globe. The magazine is a non-profit organization, supported by North Carolina State University, and the University of Central Florida.

Miss Rumphius Award   
The Miss Rumphius Award, which takes its name from the title character of the book Miss Rumphius, is presented to educators who develop and share exceptional Internet resources for literacy and learning. Award-winning sites and webpages (which serve as outstanding models for others to follow) are indexed by grade level.

NASAexplores provides free weekly educational articles and lesson plans adapted to three reading levels and covering numerous subjects. Printable and downloadable, these supplemental curriculum resources meet national education standards. The site is helpful for combining reading and language arts instruction with science and social studies.

National Coalition for Equity in Education   
The National Coalition for Equity in Education Web site is a good starting point for educators who wish to eliminate inequity. The site provides readings and resources to look at equity issues in classroom practices, curriculum, testing, and the the cultures in our schools.

National Research Center on English Learning & Achievement   
This site provides research, a newsletter, links, and teaching resources, such as learning materials and online journals. It also includes examples of research-to-practice booklets like Improving Literacy Understanding Through Classroom Conversation.

New York Times Learning Network   
The New York Times provides this free website with resources for students, teachers, and parents. Some of the features include current events, searchable daily lesson plan connections, and links that provide an opportunity for students to send a question to New York Times reporters or to the editor.

No Child Left Behind   
At this official website, education professionals and parents will find answers to frequently asked questions, fact sheets, newsletters, statistics, tools, and other resources to help them understand and implement the No Child Left Behind legislation.

Noodle Tools Quick Cite   
Quick Cite allows users to easily cite books, encyclopedias, magazines, CD-ROMS, interviews, scholarly projects and a whole host of electronic resources. Simply by inputting information, the tool creates a properly formatted MLA citation.

Online Poetry Classroom   
Online Poetry Classroom is the newest education initiative from The Academy of American Poets. Free resources include curriculum units, lesson plans, poetry, teacher forums on teaching ideas, and possible workshops.

PBS TeacherSource: Arts and Literature   
PBS TeacherSource provides searchable access to the various lesson plans, teaching resources, and student activities on the PBS website. The collection can by sorted by grade level and curricular areas (books, reading skills, and so forth).

Phonics in Whole Language Classrooms   
Discusses some of the ways children develop functional phonics knowledge in the context of authentic reading and writing, as well as some of the ways teachers can foster such development. Useful background research by Constance Weaver for teachers interested in teaching phonics in context.

Picturing Books   
This comprehensive website on picture books includes information on evaluating and using picture books for younger and older children. It includes book lists and numerous links.

Planet 5th: Learning in Hand   
Fifth-grade teacher Tony Vincent has infused technology in his lessons to the point where all of his students do cross-curricular activities using handheld computers.

Poetry Covers It All   
This Western Carolina University webpage features poems and ideas for integrating poetry throughout the curriculum.

The site provides ideas for poetry lessons, contests, and activities. It also links to Giggle Poetry (http://www.gigglepoetry.com/), a fun site for students reading, rating, and writing poems.

PowerPoint in the Classroom   
This tutorial, designed as a talk show with PowerPoint as the special guest, demonstrates basic and more advanced features of the presentation software. Quick tips, quizzes, screen shots, and a printable guide are provided.

Publishing with Students   
This website gives practical advice to teachers interested in helping students publish their writing. The site includes links to websites that focus on student writing and publishing, a page for teachers to exchange ideas, and a list of award programs and writing competitions for students.

Rainforest Action Network: Kids' Corner   
This site explores information about Rainforests and ways that students can act to help protect their natural habitat. The site could provide nice inspiration for letter-writing, poetry, and other kinds of writing as well as content reading.

Reading Rainbow   
Reading Rainbow, PBS's award-winning children's series, offers this website which details on books featured on the television show, online games and activities, and information for adults and families. While the site complements the television show, the resources can easily stand alone, though students may need access to the books mentioned.

Reading Rockets   
A project of WETA, the public broadcasting station in Washington, DC, this site provides information about learning to read and strategies for supporting struggling readers. It offers news, practical information, expert advice, and resources for parents, teachers, and others.

Designed for social studies teachers, this site includes practical directions for a range of comprehension and content area reading strategies, printable handouts, masters for transparencies, and links to articles and resources.

RubiStar is a tool for teachers to create rubrics without starting from scratch. Rubrics are available on a variety of teaching topics and are customizable. RubiStar can also analyze data for an entire class to determine problem areas, and teachers can return and edit their rubrics at any time.

Scholastic provides opportunities for learning and fun for families and students. This website also provides a multitude of resources for teachers, specific to grade levels and subject areas, including excellent information on and by authors.

Schoolhouse Rock   
In the mid-70s, short cartoons called Schoolhouse Rock taught a generation about government, history, grammar, science, and math. The combination of song and content seems to have made a connection with today’s generation as well. This site provides all of the text and music for these catchy tunes.

SCORE Cyberguides   
This site offers standards-based guides for many classics and current student novels. Features include teacher guides, lessons, activity banks, standards, student and teacher evaluation forms, and links to other sites.

Serious Play: Reading Poetry with Children   
This Academy of American Poets website provides tips that help "translate [students'] energy, once aroused and captured, into the desire to read poetry seriously, to do the intellectual work necessary to gain a basic mastery of the literary art."

Sesame Street   
The Sesame Workshop has games, stories, music, and more for young children, all of which are engaging, educational, and built around Sesame Street’s beloved characters. Teachers will also find the parenting section useful. For example, the Fun To-Go section has printable coloring sheets (sorted by letters, numbers, shapes, etc.) and a searchable activity planner.

Brightly animated and highly interactive, Seussville entertains children as they complete word puzzles, matching games, and other activities based on the books of Dr. Seuss. Kids can also write a story and bring it to life with fanciful characters, music, and scenery.

Sites for Children: Literature and Language   
This ALA website, collected by the by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children, includes links to a variety of reading resources.

Educators and students can make use of several SmartWriters.com features, including interviews with children’s writers, writing contest links for young writers, classroom resources for teachers and librarians, and a directory of children’s authors and illustrators who are available for school visits.

Spotlight on Voices & Visions   
Thirteen modern American poets are featured in this Web supplement to the video series from Annenberg/CPB. Teachers and students will find value in the video clips freely available from the series, along with links to sites that explore the life and works of each poet in greater depth.

Designed for the emergent reader, the website has interactive books and rhyming word family games that teach phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary building, and spelling skills. Free, supplemental materials can be downloaded or ordered online.

StoryDog offers a new story every day for kids and parents to share at home. Designed by parents interested in having their children read daily but understanding that our lives can be busy, the site offers short adventures that last for one week. Kids and parents can also find great games and activities on the site.

StoryPlace: The Children's Digital Library   
This award-winning bilingual (Spanish and English) site, sponsored by the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, includes a collection of online materials for elementary students including texts and activities.

Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet   
Developed by the Department of Education, Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet was created to help teachers reach out globally using the Internet. The site showcases projects in the arts, language arts, foreign language, science, math, vocational studies and social studies.

Home to Technology & Learning Magazine, this site has hundreds of articles written by K-12 teachers, administrators, and other experts in the field, who give practical, firsthand advice on how to effectively integrate technology into the classroom.

Each month, Teenreads.com features candid reviews of new books for young adults. Author biographies and interviews, advice on starting a book club, and discussion guides are also available on the site.

Telling Stories with Pictures: The Art of Children's Book Illustration   
This Web site is hosted by England's DeCordova Museum's special exhibitions of works by children's book illustrators. The exhibition was held in 1997, but the Internet information is still available. It offers a brief description of the different styles and techniques used by the 30 illustrators in the exhibit and explains the steps an illustrator takes from start to finish when illustrating a book.

The Amazing Picture Machine   
The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory provides a searchable index to graphical resources on the Internet. It provides information on citing images and detailed copyright information. This is a very useful site for anyone making websites.

The American Collection Literary Map   
The American Collection Literary Map provides a visual gateway to authors across America. By selecting any state, users can access author information or submit their own information and related web links. This site is brought to you by Exxon and the National Council of Teachers of English.

The Doucette Index   
The Doucette Index is a searchable database of book and website resources that provide literature-based teaching ideas and lesson plans. The books indexed are those held by the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, but many are available in other libraries.

The Electronic Classroom   
A forum highlighting classroom uses of technology, the Electronic Classroom provides teachers, teacher educators, and researchers with resources for integrating technology and literacy in the classroom.

The Poetry Forge   
The Poetry Forge offers teacher tools such as poetry generators, lesson plans, and discussion groups for teachers attempting to implement these activities. Students have access to many of the same tools, and they have their own forum to discuss and publish their work.

The Underground Railroad   
Students start this interactive journey by choosing to follow Harriet Tubman along the Underground Railroad. The route to freedom presents other choices along the way and offers freedom songs and pictures that bear witness to slaves' experiences. Teachers' resources include age-specific lesson ideas and other Internet resources on the subject.

Topics: An Online Magazine for Learners of English   
This online magazine is a wealth of cultural information for students learning about other countries. It also invites English learners to write articles about where they’re from and encourages them to sharpen their language skills in the Language Corner. The Teachers’ Corner highlights ESL Web projects and teaching techniques from around the world.

Travlang's Word of the Day   
With a new twist on word of the day, this site delivers a word a day in over 60 languages. Not only can you see it but you can hear it. Users have the option of having the word of the day e-mailed to them as well.

Treasures@Sea: Exploring the Ocean through Literature   
Treasures@Sea has ocean-themed activities for students, including word searches, crosswords, and quizzes. For teachers, there are mini-lessons centered around art, writing, and book activities, all bringing into the classroom a lively understanding of our treasures at sea.

U.S. National Archives and Record Administration   
The U.S. National Archives and Record Administration provides a wealth of information useful to classroom teachers. The "exhibit hall" makes many of our national treasures such as the Declaration of Independence just a click away. Lessons and digital images are readily available using many of these primary sources.

United Nations Cyberschoolbus   
The United Nations Cyberschoolbus offers information in six languages. All of the resources offered to teachers are intended to bring the world to your classroom. Curriculum materials include world data, units on peace making, and ask an ambassador.

Vocabulary University   
The site has interactive games for students to practice word etymology and word meaning, while having fun. Games have different levels of difficulty; Level 1 is for upper elementary and Level 2 is for middle school.

Web English Teacher   
The Web English Teacher presents the best of K-12 English/Language Arts teaching resources: lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, professional development and classroom activities.

Webbing Into Literacy   
This site features downloadable nursery rhymes and alphabet books, along with related lesson plans. It also includes a list of 101 great books for children.

What's Under the Bed? Monsters in Children's Book Illustration   
This Web site is a companion exhibition to DeCordova Museum's Terrors and Wonders: Monsters in Contemporary Art. Monsters have been a part of children's literature from time immemorial. The exhibition includes 51 illustrations by 10 artists.

Word of the Day   
Hosted by the New York Times and Merriam's Webster Dictionary, Word of the Day, provides a word of the day, and references its uses in the New York Times.

Words and Pictures   
Words and Pictures, the Companion Web site to the BBC Schools Education Series Program Literacy Hour, includes numerous interactives on phonics, word sounds, and high frequency words. This British site does use British spelling and aural material is pronounced with a British accent.

WriteNet: Virtual Poetry Workshop   
Poet Hoa Nguyen of Austin, Texas leads an online poetry workshop, in the Sixth Teachers and Writers Collaborative Online Poetry Workshop. Teachers can use or adapt Hoa's writing exercises for their own students, and learn how to critique student poetry by reading Hoa's responses on the forum page. While the sample poems will not be appropriate for all students at all levels, every teacher is likely to find something useful at this site.

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute Curricular Resources   
This site includes over 150 curriculum units developed annually since 1978 by the Fellows of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. The lessons range across the curriculum, from English Language Arts to Science to Social Studies, and include concrete examples of lessons used in the New Haven Public Schools.

Young Writers Workshop   
Young Writers Workshop encourages creativity by providing printable story starters for children in preschool and primary grades.