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Ironman Canada '98
Ironman Canada '98 A&M Cycling Team '79




A few images from Penticton, BC. I was a spectator, but could not stay for the end of the race. So, lots of beginnings, no endings. But the faces of a few familiar names, perhaps. (More faces than names. I know a couple, but I need help with the rest.)

Amooha.jpg (36553 bytes)       beach.jpg (23186 bytes)

Mr. Cowman--A-MOOOO-ha                              Ain't Penticton Grand?

barclay.jpg (43713 bytes)

Mr. Barclay practicing for Sunday

hogs_breath.jpg (62504 bytes)

At the Hog's Breath

mike_tennant.jpg (27953 bytes)       monaco.jpg (50567 bytes)

Mike Tennant emerging from the deeps, and Jason Mayfield practicing the Royal Wave

parade.jpg (52181 bytes)

RSTers on parade...

hawaiiteam.jpg (51834 bytes)

...having cleverly lined up behind the Hawaii Team

spanish_villa.jpg (48699 bytes)    skater.jpg (12836 bytes)

Home away from home, with a year's notice      Ain't Penticton grand?

swim_course.jpg (53032 bytes)

The swim course. See the minute white square at the far edge above the cluster of canoes? That's the houseboat at the first turn. The similar white spot the same distance in from the right edge of the photo is the other turn. ARGH!

starting_line.jpg (66544 bytes)

Lunatics abound.

sharks.jpg (63897 bytes)

Me? Swim in there? Moi?

RSTers between the swim and the bike. Didn't get 'em all, but the jerseys were easy to spot.

RSTers1.jpg (20073 bytes)   rsters2.jpg (17847 bytes)   rsters3.jpg (15112 bytes)   rsters4.jpg (15378 bytes)

?,Steve "Gibbo" Gibson,?,?

rsters5.jpg (16228 bytes)   rsters6.jpg (17653 bytes)   rsters7.jpg (15392 bytes)   rsters8.jpg (14278 bytes)

Ray Britt, Eric Weiss (sorry, Eric), Art Hutchinson, Mike Randall

rsters9.jpg (20785 bytes)   rsters10.jpg (12810 bytes)   rsters11.jpg (14666 bytes)  

?, Kyle Neet (with banana), and Tricia "Tri-Baby" Richter

And then I ran out of film.

By the way, these are not in order. Okay, everyone identify themselves.


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