Comments from satisfied customers!

. . . I also ordered the Robyn Friend Persian Dance video, and have been very pleased with the quality of the video
and the work presented. It is a first-rate video.

. . . First of all, many thanks for such a quick response to my recent order.  However, of most importance, thank you for putting together such a splendid and informative documentary on Iranian Dance.

Before seeing this video, my only knowledge on Iranian Dance was based on one performance I saw on another dance video.  What made your documentary stand out was the fact that, unlike the "other dance video" I watched, you took the
time and effort to give an explanation as to what the audience/viewers were about to see.  This made each performance a lot more meaningful and beautiful -- not to mention the fact that I'm definitely quite a bit more knowledgeable on Iranian Dance than I was before.  Out of all the dance videos I've purchased to date, yours definitely takes the "Number One" position.  My money was well spent, as I'll enjoy watching and learning from this video for a long time to come.

. . . I, too, have seen this fabulous video, Dances of Iran, and Robyn does an excellent, educating and entertaining job.

For those of you in  Phoenix, you can see parts of this video on Phoenix Public Access Channel 98 on the "International Fantasy" tv series in Nov. on Sundays at 7:30pm.

. . . Just wanted to share with you an exciting time this weekend with Robyn Friend, one of our fellow listees.  She taught a great workshop on Persian dance at my studio in Winchester, VA.  It was a joy to finally meet her (and her hubbie) and have the wonderful opportunity to study with her.   Her enthusiasm for Persian dance spills over into everything she does!!!  The
funnest part was learning Persian social dance.  Now I'm ready for my next Persian wedding party!!!  Robyn also worked with us on a number of different Persian dance steps, beautiful arm and hand movements, tiny (special for Persian dance) hip moves, turns and spins.  She had thoughtfully broken down the music for us and as we went through her notes several times - it really started making sense.  Having studied classical music for over 15 years - she definitely dances "very musically".  There was some talk recently about her video on the list - it is wonderful - spans many years of her dancing and teaching career - the sound, and videography are excellent.  Great weekend and workshop!!!

. . . Your costuming is wonderful. I can't wait to show it to my friends who study middle eastern ME dance.

If I were forced to pick a favorite part (since I loved it all) I'd pick your version of Kolah Makhmali. Being of Iranian origin, I got a real kick out of hearing this song again after almost 20 years.

. . . Seeing your video was the greatest moment of my life!

Your video is excellent!  It is well done, beautifully performed, and very nicely presented.

Hello . . . I just wanted to let you know that I received the video and I absolutely love it!  The video format was great, and the dancing and choreography was incredibly moving and inspiring!