Persian Dance Discography

Persian Dance Discography

Ahang-ha-ye Ruhowzi #2: Eshveh. Ruhowzi Songs: "Coquetry".

The label on this recording is all in Persian, and has a picture of Jamileh on the cover in a golden-yellow belly-dance costume. The instrumentation is all violin and tonbak, and has some very nice music on it. This recording is available from Pars Video, 18740 Oxnard Street, Unit 303, Tarzana, California 91356, telephone number 818/881-4881, -9881, or -1666. They take cash or money orders only (no credit cards or personal checks), so be sure to call first before either going there or sending money.

1. Reng-e Homayun. Dance music in mode of Homayun.

2. Raqs-e Sharqi. Eastern dance. This is not belly-dance music, but more Kavkaz music.
3. Raqs-Kordi. Kurdish dance. Folk dance music, not for solo dance.
4. Reng-e Shirazi. Shirazi dance music.
5. Raqs-e Chupi-ye Kordi. Kurdish Chupi Dance. Another folk dance.
6. Raqs-e Sharqi. This is not belly-dance music, but more Kavkaz music.


Robyn C. Friend, Ph.D. 4/19/97.