Subject: VIDEO Persian dance
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 04:01:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Carolina Varga Dinicu-MOROCCO <>

A while back, there were some requests for videos of Persian dance & Anthony Shay's Avaz group's excellent
videos were recommended.

Well, now there's another one to add to your collection, & a great one IMNSHO - *all* disclaimers apply: I never get paid for recommending anything here, except in the satisfaction of seeing really good stuff get to good folks.

Robyn Friend has *finally* put out a composite video of a few of her solo dances, one of her choreographies, done by the Tamburitzans, one of the Aman dances & she even sings for us!

Now we can see the wonderful work/ beautiful dancing she has been doing all these years in these too rarely
seen Persian forms.

Each dance/ style is clearly introduced by Robyn, wearing whichever gorgeous costume she will perform in
next, so that you can see it close up & detailed enough to get a good idea of what it *should* look like.

For the most part, the music is great: there are a couple of strictly instrumental pieces & the music for
all her dances - played by her husband Neil & a fabulous Iranian drummer.

I say "for the most part" because the difference between the *real* Irani drummer & the adorable,
struggling Tamburitzan kids is a lesson in itself on the advisability of true musical skill over adequate

I watched it three times the first day I got around to playing it, it was that good.

My only criticism? (Ok - I always have to pick a nit or 2 .... so?!?)

I think there should be a short pamphlet with the video, because a few of the things she does in the
dances have & deserve further explanation / clarification for those who don't yet know what they

The spoken intros are very good, but it would have taken too much time away from the wonderful dancing to
have made them longer & more detailed, so keeping them on the short side was definitely the correct thing to

If you are at all interested in the beauty & subleties of Persian dance, you must have this video in your

You can reach Robyn at:

Yours in true dance dementia,