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Earth Moon and Fire
Earth Moon and Fire
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Ariann Channeled Wisdom

Sending words of wisdom to all light workers in total harmony the earth will become the gathering place for many species united in love and peace creating a new area of understanding for all mankind and distant planets.
I have been send to deliver the message of hope I am Ariann my galaxy is far we are the Ancients I have come to guide you
when the time comes for many are waiting for solution we are the greeters and peace keepers
Channeled by Spiritwahine
Ariann February 6,2007 

Ariann: Love and Light to the Keeper of the Memory  Crystal be well
This is my message, the vibrations of this planet are out of balance we must learn to not abuse the richness given to us as it is not an endless abundance seek the knowledge of the old and wise ones as it will come a time of great sorrow when all is in danger to be lost, I was sent again to give you guidance do not fear the unknown I come in light and love
As we meditate and seek the the advice of the ancients we will see the light coming in the form of many, we have placed the teachers among you so you may seek the help needed to prevent extinction of your planet
Spiritwahine: Namaste Ariann we value the great love and light you bring us to teach us the value of life and beyond
Ariann: I will return be well may rays of light and peace be with you
So it is and so it will be Aham El Moro (this vibration I can only describe aaaahaaam lllll mmoorrrroo)
February 11,2007 

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I have been listening to my inner voice for many years but never wanted to channel. It has been only since the beginning of this new year 2007 that I follow the my chosen path of bringing the message of Ariann to all Lightworkers and Mankind

Ariann is a an Ancient Being from many light years away, gentle vibration no voice, I receive the message coming from within and my third eye

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