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World War II Diary of Clayton Junior Barnes. C. J. Barnes, a member of the 45th Division, 171st Field Artillery Battalion, kept a private diary of historic significance during World War II. C. J Barnes ("Barney") started as a private and was with the 45th Division for the duration of the war. The Division was sent from the United States June 8, 1943 and went directly from North Africa into the battle of Sicily. The 45th division was one of the few in the US Army that was on the frontlines for nearly the entire war and participated in four amphibious landings and other major combat overseas. The 45th Division participated in the amphibious invasions of Sicily and Palermo, the fighting near Casino and Venafro in the mountains south of Rome, the battle for the liberation of Rome, the invasion of Southern France, the push into Germany around Saarbrucken, and freed the Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich. C. J. Barnes was promoted during this period to Technical Sergeant and finished his duties with the 45th Division in Munich, Germany on July 1, 1945, winning the Bronze Star, when his unit was transferred to another division for transport back to the United States.

After the death of C. J. Barnes in the early 1990s, this diary was discovered in an attic by his children. At that time the contents and some pictures from the scrap book of C. J. Barnes were entered into computer files. Later, as part of a high school history course, Christopher Barnes, the Grandson of C. J. Barnes, completed the digital record of the diary his Grandfather kept during the war by placing the events of the diary in historical context. It is now available online at no cost by clicking the above link. The document is (c) Christopher Barnes. It may not be used for any commercial purposes and copyright notice must accompany any further distribution of the diary. The owner's representative must be notified if multiple copies are made of the diary for historical or educational purposes. Click here (or on the introductory link), to read this PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

C.J. Barnes at Boot Camp,
Fort Bragg, NC. circa 1942.

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The 45th Infantry Division Museum, Link to this Museum website to learn about the Nation's largest State Military Museum. Located in Oklahoma City, its mission is to tell the story of Oklahoma's military history with emphasis on the 45th Infantry Division. To read more personal accounts of World War II and the 45th, link to this 45th Division historical web page.  

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  "St. Bernadette Families Vacation Camp Merryelande" THE CATHOLIC STANDARD, April 29, 2004. Silver Spring families visit rustic Camp Merryelande on the banks of the tidal Potomac River on St. George Island in St. Mary's County Maryland. One-hundred thirty-five miles South of Washington, the camp is near Point Lookout where the Potmac River meets the Chesapeake Bay

"In Chesapeake Country, Garden Clubs Gild Our Lily," July 11-17, 2002. See specifically the story on the Charles County Garden Club.

  "In Our Own Voice: Informants Talk Bay Country History," BAY WEEKLY, March 14-20, 2002. St. Mary's College folklorists document –the folklife of Southern Maryland.

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Interview with Reuven Brenner. Russ Barnes interviews McGill Economist, Reuven Brenner in a conversation for The American Creativity Association (ACA) about getting creative ideas into the marketplace.

Jackie Gleason's Theology. A 1988 reflection on Jackie Gleason and the seriousness of his humor, or the meaning of his absurdity. In this essay you will find generous quotes from G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, the Honeymooners, Aristotle, and Geoffrey Chaucer. Comments on this essay, as well as links exchanges, welcome and appreciated.