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Keep in mind, as you read through the below publications, that these are NOT updated to reflect new information. Therefore, names of individuals in charge, phone numbers, addresses, etc may not be correct anymore.

RCA Newsletters:

Fall 1998
Fall 1997
Fall 1996
Spring 1996
Fall 1995

Correspondence: News Articles:
    • "Daylight will shine once again on Ravenna Creek." Seattle Times. Saturday, July 02, 2005 : Local News.
    • "Ravenna Creek finally ready to see daylight." JAMES BUSH, Seattle Sun. Vol. 7, Issue 11, November 2003.
    • Steve Scher on 94.9FM with guest Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.  October 8, 2002, 9:00AM.  Introducing the topic of the daylighting choices available now for Ravenna on his call-in show Tuesday morning and taking live calls. (206) 543-KUOW, (800) 289-KUOW. 
    • "Daylighting: New Life for Buried Streams." (PDF-3.3MB) Richard Pinkham, Rocky Mountain Institute. Pg 51. September 2000.
    • "As once-forgotten creeks make a comeback, Seattle considers its values." William Dietrich. Seattle Times. Pacific Northwest Section. Sunday, April 16, 2000.
    • "Residents rally to save creek." Mark Higgins. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Ravenna Neighbors Section. December 6, 1997.
    • "Trying to Restore a Creek to Daylight: Watershed Wars." Ben Jacklet. The Stranger. November 6, 1997.
    • "Web site review: Ravenna Creek Alliance." Mark Watanabe. The Seattle Times. Personal Technology, Internet Page. Sunday, November 2, 1997.
    • "Give Ravenna Creek more time to succeed." Editorial. The Seattle Times. Thursday, October 9, 1997.
    • "Restore Ravenna Creek to its above-ground glory." Kit O'Neill, Cynthia Sullivan. The Seattle Times. Wednesday, September 24, 1997.
    • "Living City: Daylight at Ravenna." Arthur Lee Jacobson. Seattle Weekly. September 10, 1997.
    • "Daylighting of creek considered." Ragen Willis. The University Herald. Wednesday, August 20, 1997.
    • "Creek to Stay Underground: Options to bring it to surface too costly." Luke Timmerman. The Seattle Times, Section B: Local News, Page B1. Tuesday, August 19, 1997.
    • "Update: Ravenna Creek Daylighting Project." King County Water Pollution Control Division, June 1997.
    • "Daylight returning to creeks." Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 22, 1996.
    • "Update: Ravenna Creek Daylighting Project." King County Water Pollution Control Division, July 1996.
    • "Ravenna Creek Daylighting Project." University Community Urban Center, Newsletter Article, February 1996
    • "Daylighting a creek - Fisherman, habitat activists, and neighbors are pushing hard to restore a salmon run that now feeds into a Seattle sewer." National Fisherman, Eric Swenson, November 1995
    • "What price for babble in Ravenna's lost creek?" The Seattle Times, Editorial, August 28, 1995
    • "Seattle creek renewal a step closer to reality." Seattle Times, Tyron Benson, August 21, 1995
    • "Ravenna Creek daylighting proposal outlined." Seattle Press, Corinne Hollister, January 4-17, 1995
    • "Green Reprisal - Help Ravenna Creek see the light of day." UW Daily, Column by Ma LaFont, April 29, 1994
    • "Where has all the water gone?" Washington Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Newsletter, pg 12, Fall 1994
    • "BlueGreenways vision - Main Stream dreams for little creek." Seattle PI, Michael Paulson, pg B1, March 22, 1993
    • "Festival will push for rebirth of Ravenna Creek." Seattle Times, May 7, 1993
    • "Volunteers rise to the call: the project to daylight Ravenna Creek." Winter 1992-1993
    • "Alliance fights to restore Ravenna Creek." University Herald, August 12, 1992
    • "Residents back Seattle streams restorations - Push on to make Ravenna Creek flow again." Orgonian, July 28, 1992
    • "Plan would have creek not go down the drain - Restoration plans are flowing in Ravenna." Seattle Times, Front Page, July 9, 1992
    • "Super Salmon Sighted Shopping." North Seattle Press, pg 5, June 24-July 7, 1992
    • "Ravenna Creek - Northend stream could again see the light of day." North Seattle Press, February 5-18, 1992
    • "Ravenna or Big Tree Park." Back of a Postcard, 1909.


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