Vintage Glider Books for Sale

I offer selected books on vintage gliders for sale to anyone with an interest.

Please send inquiries to:

Raul Blacksten
PO Box 307
Maywood, CA 90270 USA

The Books

The World's Vintage Sailplanes, 1908-45, by Martin Simons.

This is the bible of the world's vintage glider movement, both full-size and scale model. Published in Australia, this marvelous book contains information, data, 3-views, as well as B&W and color photos.

NEW, AVAILABLE after New Year's 1999

Sailplanes by Schweizer, co-authored by Martin Simons and Paul A. Schweizer. This book contains all of the sailplanes built by the Elmira, New York sailplane-airplane-heliocopter manufacturer. Schweizer Aircraft Corporation is the largest and oldest family owned aviation company in the world.

German Air Ataché, by Martin Simons.

This book is subtitled "The Thrilling Story of the German Ace Pilot and Wartime Diplomat Peter Riedel." One of the world's greatest glider pilots, he has had a remarkable life: Glider pilot, Airline Pilot, German Air Ataché to the USA for the government of Adolf Hitler, an eventual falling out with Hitler and becoming a fugitive from the Nazis. He currently in his 90s and lives in the USA. It is a fascinating story! The 234mm x 156mm casebound book contains 288 pages, 16 pages of B&W photographs, plus 8 line drawings.

Slingsby Sailplanes, by Martin Simons.

This is the only complete history and reference to all Slingsby gliders and sailplanes from the 1931 Type 1 Falcon to the Vickers-Slingsby Vega. Portions of this book were previously published in the British magazine Aeroplane Monthly, except that they have been reworked and the book contains previously unpublished information. Each Type is illustrated with an accurate full page 3-view drawing which outlines the background to the design. The drawings are based upon the original Slingsby workshop plans. Slingsby was, for 50 years the main--and for the most part, the only--provider of gliders and sailplanes in Britain. The company was one of the first to use fiberglass reinforced plastics in production aircraft as early as 1953, and were possibly the first to use carbon fiber composite materials for the main structural members. This "casebound" book contains 265 pages, 200 B&W photos, 80 plans, and measures 8¼" x 10¾".

Ali Misteriose, Teichfuss e Pavullo: oggi si vola a vela, by Rino Rinaldi

This quality hardcover book, in Italian, concerns Italy's forgotten glider designer, Luigi Teichfuss and his glider designs. A prolific designer, the book contains information, data, 3-views, and B&W photos of his designs and was prepared to commemorate the 1st Luigi Teichfuss Vintage Glider Meet at Pavullo, Italy, in 1994. Numbers are limited as this 1994 book is already out of print.

"I hold that in the flight of the soaring birds ascension is produced by the skillful use of the force of the wind, and the steering, in any direction, is the result of skillful manoeuvers;so that by a moderate wind a man can, with an aeroplane, unprovided with any motor whatsoever, rise up into the air and direct himself at will, even against the wind itself." -- M. Mouillard, L'Empire de l'Air, 1881.

Raul Blacksten
PO Box 307
Maywood, CA 90270 USA

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