VSA Blueprints

The VSA and VSA Archives offers our membership the opportunity to purchase select vintage glider blueprints from the VSA collection.

These drawings are available only to VSA members. The cost is based upon the number of sheets in the set, and is subject to change without notice. Some, like the Hütter H-17 and the DFS Meise contain a lot of details, while others, like the Ross R-3, contain a minimum of information and is bestsuited for the experienced builders.

The VSA does not assume any responsibility for incidents or accidents in conjunction with the use of these drawings nor anything built from them. The builders are solely responsible.

It should be noted that the German designs are based upon the strength of European lumber, which is generally higher than similar wood grown in the USA. It should also be noted that techniques and designs in the prints may not be up to currently accepted standards.

The List

For price information, contact the VSA Archives.

Raul Blacksten, VSA Archivist

VSA Archives
PO Box 307
Maywood, CA 90270 USA


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