Raul's Soaring Memberships

Although the Vintage Sailplane Association is my life, I do belong to other soaring organizations which you may find interesting.

The List, in Alphabetical Order

National Soaring Museum
Harris Hill
51 Soaring Hill Drive
Elmira, NY 14903 USA

The NSM is affiliated with the Soaring Society of America.

PO Box 2852
Fullerton, California 92633 USA

This is the SSA Region 12 Soaring Council

Sailplane Homebuilders' Association
21100 Angel Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561 USA

The SHA is sort of the EAA of the soaring set. They hold at least two workshops each year. One is located somewhere in the Eastern US, and one is at Tehachapi, California on Labor Day Weekend.

Soaring Society of America
Box E
Hobbs, NM 88241 USA

The SSA is the umbrella organization covering soaring in the US.

Vintage Glider Club
Fossee Road
Oak Hill
Somerset BA3 5HU
England, UK

The VGC is a world-wide vintage glider organization and holds two international gatherings every year during the summer, each at a different European site.

I also belong to:

Airplane Owners' and Pilots' Association
421 Aviation Way
Frederick, MD 21701 USA

The AOPA is the major lobby organization for general aviation in the US.

Other Groups of Interest

If you wish to be known as a "Real Twitt," you may be interested in joining this group:

PO Box 20430
El Cajon, CA 92021 USA

T.W.I.T.T ("The Wing Is The Thing") is a non-profit organization whose membership seeks to promote the research and development of flying wings and other tailless aircraft. Membership includes 12 issues of their newsletter per year.

The United States Ultralight Soaring Association (USUSA)
c/o Chuck Rhodes
130 Los Padres Drive
Camp Pendleton, CA 92054 USA

USUSA is a new organization dedicated to fostering a heightened consciousness about ultralight soaring, to encourage an exchange of knowledge and information, making possible the growth of this sector of soaring, and to serve USUSA members in their common ultralight soaring needs.

"It's not smart or correct, but it's one of the things which make us what we are." --Red Green, The New Red Green Show

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