Welcome to the Vintage Sailplane Association (VSA) Archives homepage. This site has been created by me, Raul Blacksten, the VSA Archivist. As such, it contains the VSA Archives as well as my interest in the history of soaring. It also reflects a few of my other interests.

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The Vintage Sailplane Association (VSA)

The Vintage Sailplane Association is a division of the Soaring Society of America (SSA), and is primarily dedicated to the preservation and flying of old gliders.

The VSA is also dedicated to the preservation of the history of soaring. This is why the VSA Archives exists.

VSA Membership

Membership in the VSA is inexpensive.

For information on, or to join the VSA, write:

Robert Gaines
VSA President
308 Chase Lane
Marietta, GA 30068 USA

The VSA Archives

Although it is not a research library per se, and although it does not have a large collection, the VSA Archives is available to anyone with an interest in gliding and soaring.

To contact me at the VSA Archives, write:

VSA Archives
PO Box 307
Maywood, CA 90270 USA

Or via email at raulb@earthlink.net

What the VSA Archives Includes:

VSA Archives Services

The VSA Archives offers its members the opportunity to purchase certain items:

The Blueprints, or building drawings for selected gliders are offered by the VSA Archives.

There are Model Documentation Packs available for over 40 different vintage gliders.

Copies of the Bungee Cord are available. Original copies of some issues may be available, but xerox copies can be obtained of all issues. The price depends upon the amount of pages in the particular issue.

Question answers attempted.

However, you must be a member of the VSA in order to avail yourself of these services (except for the attempts at answering question).

Clio Whispers

"Clio Whispers" is my regular column concerning the history of soaring which is published in the VSA quarterly newsletter Bungee Cord and has also appeared in Soaring magazine. If you wish, you may read my humble efforts.

As I have a Master's Degree in history, I decided to name this column for Clio, the Muse of history. Clio and her eight sisters are sort of the ancient Greek "patron saints" of what used to be called the "Arts & Sciences." She has long sat on my shoulder talking to me about history. Sometimes she whispers in my ear, sometimes she shouts.

Important Dates

UPDATED 11/2/99

I Also Offer Glider Books


Separate from the VSA Archives, I offer a small selection of books about vintage gliders. To see the list, click here

In addition, I am offering a VERY SPECIAL Year 2000 Calendars. These Calendars feature 12 art quality black and white photographic images of German gliders in the 1920s and '30s. The photo captions are in both German and English. This calendar must be seen to be believed, it is so fantastic!

My Other Soaring Memberships

Although the VSA is my life, I do have other soaring memberships which may interest you. To see the list, click here

National Landmark of Soaring in Hawaii

For information on the National Soaring Museum

My Glider Collection

I have a small collection of sailplanes and gliders. To see the list, click here

Other Stuff I Find Interesting

"The application of an additional bearing surface, as a tail, is of minor importance." -- Otto Lilienthal, Der Vogelflug als Grundlage der Fliegekunst, 1889.

Raul Blacksten
PO Box 307
Maywood, CA 90270 USA


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