Dedicated to our lost
Blackhawk ,Crusader and RatPack Brothers.
47 Brave Souls we will Never Forget. Men who have truly earned their wings.
        God bless our brothers of the sky.
They gave all they had that we might be free.
The following Brave Men died in the Republic of Vietnam:

** Rank --- Name --- Date of Death --- Home --- Wall Location - Line Number **

CPT Ellis Miller Bailey - 11/Oct/67-Itasca, TX - 27E - 87

PFC Charles Douglas Blair - 14/May/70 - OrlandoFL - 10W - 38

SP4 James Gregory Brady - 27/Nov/68 - SacramentoCA - 38W - 71

SP4 Daniel Scanlon Brooker - 15/Nov/71 - SacramentoCA - 38W - 71

SP4 Luis Hector Campos - 27/Sep/71 - Meadow, TX - 02W - 27

SGT. Jerome Dee Chandler - 27/Nov/68 - NorfolkNE - 38W - 73

SP4 John Andrew Charnoplosky - 15/Nov/71 - FairmontWV - 02W - 67

CW2 Howard Brisbane Comer - 24/Nov/69 - Jacksonville, Fl - 16W - 115

SP5 David De Witt Creel - 27/Nov/68 - Long BeachCA - 38W - 72

* CPT Thomas Albert Derosier - 07/Jul/67 - Fall River, MA - 23E - 27

WO1 Allen Eugune Duneman - 27/Nov/68 - Magnolia, IA - 38W - 73

WO1 Stephen John Eckle - 12/Apr/68 - ColumbusOH - 49E - 30

SP5 Clyde Sampson Evans - 21/May/69 - PortsmouthOH - 24W - 65

WO1 John Francis Fitzgerald - 12/Apr/68 - Norwood, MA - 49E-32

SP4 Fredrick Harry Frazer - 27/Nov/68 - Wickenburg, AZ - 38W - 72

CW2 William Clifton Jesse - 02/May/72 - LawtonOK - 1W - 11

SP5 William Frank Johnson - 12/Feb/71 - Bel Air, MD - 05W - 40

SP4 James Randall Jones Jr.- 24/Nov/69 - LeavenworthWA - 16W - 118

SP4 Roy Douglas Jordan - Dec/27/70 - Logansport, IN - 05W - 11

WO1 Stephen Dale Karnehm - 27/Sep/71 - Piqua, OH - 02W - 28

CPT Donald Robert Kilpatrick - 02/Sep/69 - BethlehemPA - 18W - 24

CPT John JullianoKintaro - 27/Sep/71 - PacificIsland, XP - 02W - 28

WO1 Raymond Henry Krug Jr. - 14/May/70 - MilwaukeeWI - 10W - 41?

SGT. Edwin Allen Kudlacek - 28/Sep/71 - Omaha, NA - 2W - 29

CPT Thomas John Larkin II - 14/May/70 - SteubenvilleOH - 10W - 41?

SP4 Dennis Jay Lulofs - 16/Feb/68 - Clarksville, MI - 39E - 74

WO1 Gerald David Markland - 28/Dec/68 - Albuquerque, NM - 36W - 86

WO1 Vincent Patrick Martin Jr. - 15/Nov/71 - MobileAL - 02W - 68

SP4 Charles Vernon Morgan - 02/May/72 - WarsawKY - 1W - 11?

WO1 John Joseph Petrilla - 02/May/72 -PhiladelphiaPA - 1W - 11?

SP4 Stephen C. Ponty Jr. - 28/Dec/68 - Monmouth Juntion, NJ - 36W - 86

SP4 Michael Grant Porter - 13/Apr/69 -Anaheim, CA - 27W - 83

SP4 Dale Kyette Porterfield - 02/May/72 - Los AngelesCA - 1W - 12

CPT Billie Taylor Presson - 20/Sep/67 - PaducahKY - 26E -97

WO1 Thomas Joe Puff - 15/Nov/71 - Garden GroveCA - 02W - 68

1LT August Karl Ritzau - 27/Nov/68 - ClackamasOR - 38W - 78

SP4 Ricardo Ibrahin Romero - 13/Apr/69 - Jersey CityNJ - 27W - 73

* Maj. Charles Edward Sauer - 7/Jul/67 - FairfieldCT - 23E - 31

SP5 Kenneth Charles Scruton - 05/Jan/68 - MineolaNY - 33E - 53

CPT James Garland Siddons - 12/Feb/71 - ChicagoIL - 05W - 100

* PFC Paul Joseph Simon - 07/Jul/67 - AbbevilleLA - 233E - 31

* CPL. Ivra Allen Tatum - 07/Jul/67 - Stephens, AR - 23E - 32

SP4 Kent ChildsTaylor - 14/May/70 - OremUT - 10W - 44

SP5 Harold Allen Tharp Jr. - 12/Apr/68 - AlamogordoNM - 49E-37

W01 Charles Chester Wilcox - 07/Dec/67 - BuffaloNY - 31E - 61

SP4 Laurence Atwood Young - 24/Nov/69 - MiamiFL - 16W - 116

* Denotes first members of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company to die in the Republic of Vietnam.


VISIT THE HOLY LAND of the 187th Assault Helicopter CompanyTayNinh South Vietnam

THE Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association "MISSING MAN" TOAST
Your attention is directed to the small table located in a place of honor near the head of the banquet hall. It is a way of symbolizing the fact that some of our friends are missing from our midst.

Photo by Don Joyce

They are unable to be with us this evening and so we remember them.

The table, set for one, is small - it symbolizes the frailty of us all.

The tablecloth is white - symbolic of the purity of their intentions to respond to their country's call to arms.

The single rose displayed in a vase reminds us of the families and loved ones of our comrades who will not return.

The red ribbon, tied so prominently on the vase, is reminiscent of the red ribbon worn upon the lapel and breast of thousands who bear witness to the tragedy of POW's and MIA's and, with unyielding determination, demand a proper accounting for our missing.

A slice of lemon rests on the plate - to remind us of their bitter fate.

There is salt upon the plate - symbolic of the tears of families and loved ones.

The glass is inverted - they cannot toast with us tonight.

The chair is forever empty - they are not here.

Tonight we take time to recall those who were our comrades-in-arms, we depended on them for aid and support.

Let us remember all of our missing crewmembers and honor them as we stand for a moment of silence....

Author Unknown




Defense POW Missing in Action


Welcome to the home page of the Defense POW/Missing Personnel (DPMO). The information assembled on the following pages is to assist readers in understanding the U.S. Government effort to achieve the fullest possible accounting of our missing in action -- from all wars. U.S. military and civilian personnel are at work daily in locations across the globe, seeking out information in dense jungles, in flooded rice paddies, in villages and in archives of our former enemies. The information here is the result of years of painstaking analysis and intelligence reporting. Additional case-specific information, both classified and unclassified, is available to the primary next-of-kin of our missing Americans.

A Cause For Hate? By Jeanette Bowden 16yrs old

The scream came again. It began as a small sob then rumbled to the surface, building up speed and power as it went. When it pierced her lips it shook and expanded the atmosphere. The black velvet dress trembled in time with her sobs from her neck to her ankles. Her blue eyes glassy and distant in her pale face,revealed her pain. A black hat and veil covered her blonde hair and blue eyes. She fell to her knees in this small clearing,blanketed in dead yellow grass. The rain poured down from the gray sky as she looked into the black woods that surrounded her. The trees, mostly fir, seemed large and domineering. In front of her lay a grave with a simple stone marker. Beside the marker a small flag; red, white, and blue, waved in the breeze.
She looked to the man standing at the head of the grave. He looked handsome in his green uniform like the one her husband once wore. His face showed no expression except for the watery look in his eyes. As the rain ran off the visor of his hat, he raised a trumpet to his lips and began to play. The woman looked at the gold band on her left hand and wondered what meaning it held now? She remembered her wedding and saw her husbandís face. While the trumpet played its mournful song, she removed the ring and squeezed it tightly in her palm.
A lump formed in her throat and her blood boiled as she continued thinking. The words"Killed in the line of duty", and "Iím sorry Mam" kept ringing through her mind. She saw visions of her husband being shot by a man shrouded in vegetation with black hair and a brown round face. She saw him going home to his wife amd telling stories of the man he had killed. The scream came again, not out of grief but out of hate. A hate for the enemy and a hate for the woman that loved him.
She realized the trumpet had stopped and that the soldier had left. She got up snapping out of her daze and, with a soul raging with hate, she left, fueling her anger towards a whole nation of people. As she walked she removed her hat and veil to reveal her long hair and red swollen eyes. The wind blowing through the trees seemed to mourn with her as she hesitated, then moved on.
Thousands of miles away a girl stood in a dense section of jungle. She mumbled something over and over as her gaze swept aimlessly. Stepping forward she stood on the bank of a creek surrounded by thick green vegetation. As a thin but calloused hand brushed a long strand of black hair out of her eyes, revealing a smuged teary face.
She knelt in the mud and submerged her hands into it,she began to dig. Flies buzzed around her bare arms and feet. Mud splattered on the rags she used for clothes as her sobs rang through the jungle.
When she was finished digging she walked to the edge of the jungle and disappeared. She reappeared dragging a body behind her. The blood stains over the heart revealed the cause of death.
The short man had demanding facial features even at rest. His hat had been lost in the battle so the bald spot on his head was visible surrounded by short black and gray hair. He was clearly much older than this girl , his wife. She now had the body beside the grave. Leaning forward unsteady, she brushed the mud from her hands then pressed the eyes shut with mud
She had been tending the children when she heard shots ring through the jungle. Comprehending that they came from her husbandís direction, she had left the youngest son with his two sisters and had gone running through the jungle. The rough terrain made the running hard on her bare feet. She tripped several times before falling over her husbandís body. Her first look of surprise didnít last long. What started as a whimper ended in a blood curdling scream of pain and realization.
Something shiny in the mud caught her eye as the hot sun reflected its essence. When she dug it out she realized it was a photo. She studied the woman in the picure. She was wearing pretty clothes and a big smile on her face.
As she walked home she stared at the photo intently as fresh tears formed in her brown eyes and fell. A lump formed in her throat and her stomach turned over as the hate began its formation. She had already figured out that one of the Americans in the battle had dropped the photo. The Vietnamese woman watched the girlís blonde hair caress her cheeks as the photo burned in flames of the fire.

Jeanette Bowden Blue HillMaine

The above was turned into a High School Drama play and then again at the University of Maine..Very powerful words by a sensative young person. Thank you Ms Bowden!!


I flew this yesterday a US Army AH1G

I fly this today "Lovely Linda" a large  VW powered StiresTrike


And Now "The Fat Lady"


Receiving my First Air Medal September 1966

My Mother and I  inOrlando Fl. July 4 1998 VHPA Reunion

And todays look at Kokomo Sept. 2002




Prayer Wheel
When you view this, say a prayer for a person that lost a loved one....



If you have ever wondered how something works or why check the above site



If you were qualified to be a Helicopter Crew Member and Served inVietnam you are Eligible to be a member of the Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Association.
All branches and or Nationalities... Army - Navy - Air Force - Marine

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Association VHCMA

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member NetworkVHFCN

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association       VHPA

The Online Community for Politically Active Citizens.

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The POW-MIA archives which is maintained by the DoD.

    After several years on the 'Nets, I know that many of you often pose questions concerning the legitimacy of a Vet's claim to having been a POW. Here's a site that contains all the names of POWs-MIAs from Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam. Remember, this a Department of Defense site, it is the absolute last word on who was POW. When checking the Cold War statistics, you can also view the incident reports. It is absolutely amazing how many of our aircraft were shot down by the Soviet Union and China.
    You might want to book mark it for future use, you never know when you'r going to come across a wannabee. <GRIN>

    Another great site is While it is not a government site it does search all the military and other government sites.

Two ways to make an entry. You can just type in a subject ( Army Aviation) and it will look for those words and come back with a large response or you can type your subject in using a specific search request framed by quatation marks "army Aviation" which will result in a return of anything with thos two words used together.

    You can also join specific information by using the word and. For instance, if you type in "Lam Son 719" and "Laos" it will return numerous replies from a number of sources while "Lam Son 719" and "Helicopter" will return still different replies.




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