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I began an extensive genealogy search in 1993 after visiting some ancestral homes in New Mexico; Socorro, Texas; and Morenci, Arizona. Information presented in this website is the result of that search.Some of my ancestral towns in New Mexico include Santa Fe, Santa Cruz de la Cañada, Bernalillo, Alburquerque (along the way, the first "r" was dropped), Tomé (also known in the 1700s as Fuenclara), San Gabriel de las Nutrias, Belen, La Joya de Sevilleta, Mesilla, Las Cruces, El Colorado (now called Rodey), and Hatch.
  • Read about my first year of genealogical research and our trip to New Mexico. Reflections, published in 1994 in Nuestras Raices, Journal of the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America

I am a member of the following genealogy groups:

  • The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico
  • The Genealogical Society of New Mexico
  • San Elizario Genealogy & Historical Society

    An exciting discovery as a result of my genealogical search is the rich Spanish Colonial history of my ancestors. In New Mexico, it dates back to 1598 when the first Spanish colonists arrived to make a home in a new and faraway land. Take a look at my personal family genealogy.

    Personal Family Genealogy

    Jurado Family Website This site has been created by my cousin, Tom Jurado, and is dedicated to our grandparents, Jose Jesus Jurado and Jesusita Licon, who came to Los Angeles, California, early in the 20th century.

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