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This area of our site is still being researched, but is always active (hopefully) once you've arrived here.  IF you find errors pleas email us!  Index of Harry's Old Engine Classified ads.  Has a link to his home page also.  An international list of scale model related web sites.  40-50 new additions every 2 weeks!  Contains Workshop, Models, and M.E. news sections and more!  A prelude to the largest R&V site(s) I've seen! Register your R&V here and get it's MFG date.  Has other links also.  A very large and informative site used by numerous vocational schools as part of their curriculum.  Features a broad sprectum of engine related hobby, designed by an EDGETA member. HUGE, interactive discussion relating to metalworking.  New posts every day., free web site submission and promotion to the search engines

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