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Notification of Updates Policy and Registry
This is a Free update notification service that will be administered when we have updates applicable to our website.  ONLY SUBMITTED INFORMATION WILL BE USED AND WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE OR ANYTHING ELSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES 
*This is not a contract between participants and webmaster (except for point 4 under "Updates will be:" this point I can guarantee to the best of my control).  This is a mission statement.  I am open to suggestions and plan to hold to said policy points to the best of my ability

Updates will be:
1. pertaining to product(s), related service(s) and/or price changes on our web site (not depletion of stock or similar changes)
2. sent under discretion of webmaster: not a timely daily, monthly notification
2A. possibly (hopefully) subject to a small annual fee if listing gets large, in which case bi annually updates will occur and will expand to include more info: local show pics, valuable literature, (any suggestions?)
3. will be via email only (outlining applicable updates)
4. operating thru a private email box that is not nor will ever be or was at website launch affiliated with any other business of any kind: NOT SPAM    
5. posted on Harry's oldengine website for subscribers to that site
Participants of Mailing List will:
1.  Not be required to give any more information than email address
2.  Not be required to view page or pay dues at this time to stay on list
3. Not be listed on this or any other site, though networks are possible.  Please when commmunicating lists snippets of interest(s) and they will be noted
4. Should not expect this service to happen in immediate fashion (allow a week or so).  This is not intended to give preference to customers, only to allow shop time so we can service everyone equally and efficiently
5.  Inform webmaster if you wish to be removed from our list
6. Be encouraged to recommend this site to friends using the link on the bottom of the home page or any other lawful means

 By submitting this info you are acknowledging said points and statements on  this page.  One (1) master copy of complete list will be kept in a locked  box and will never be shared with anyone or anything else.  Email address is required for updates to occur but will not appear on emails 
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