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5/16 scale of 4 HP Horizontal Tank Cooled R&V Kit
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This horizontal R&V kit price is now (including the brass decal plate):
$ 450 w/ Brass Flywheels
$ 410 w/ Cast Iron Flywheels
Links to other pages about this kit are in the boxes below, and a full list of what this kit includes is at the bottom of the page

5/16 scale of 4HP Horizontal R&V Background Info

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 The Root & Vandervoort 4 HP Horizontal Tank Cooled Model Engine 5/16” scale

 Casting Kit Includes:

25 Aluminum Castings:

  • Engine Base
  • Engine Block
  • 2 Main bearing Caps
  • Cylinder Barrel
  • Cylinder Head
  • Pivot Bracket
  • Push Rod Mount Bracket
  • Connecting Rod
  • Large Belt Pulley
  • 2 Muffler Halves
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Crankshaft Guard
  • Governor Base
  • Governor Weight Housing
  • ” sq. x 3 3/8” L. Bar for Gov. Weight hanger
  • Discharge Flange
  • Pump Impeller
  • Small Water Pump Pulley
  • Cooling Tower Top
  • Water Pump Housing
  • Water Pump Mount Bracket
  • Water Pump End Plate
  • Large Water Pump Pulley


2 Iron Castings

  • Cylinder Sleeve
  • Piston
  • 2 Flywheels, can be either Cast Iron or Brass


8 Brass Castings

  • Rocker Arm
  • 16 Tooth Timing Gear
  • 8 Tooth Timing Gear
  • 2 Governor weights
  • Fuel Mixer Body
  • Fuel Pump Body
  • Igniter Base

2 Oiler Site Tubes Included


39 pgs of  Plans and Assembly Drawings


Machinist Shop Notes, tolerance and decimal equivalent chart


1 R&V metal tag

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