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The vertical R&V kit price is now (including the brass decal plate):
$ 430 w/ Brass Flywheels
$ 400 w/ Cast Iron Flywheels  
Links to other pages full of this kit are in the boxes below, and a full list of what this kit includes is at the bottom of the page!

5/16 scale of 4 HP R&V Background

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Brass Flywheels w/ Kit

5/16 scale model of 4 HP Root & Vandervoort Vertical Stationary Gas Engine Casting Kit Includes:


2 Iron Castings:

                 cylinder sleeve


                 flywheels can be of either cast iron or Brass


9 Brass Castings

                 fuel pump house

                 fuel pump lever

                 fuel mixer

                 igniter base

                 front crankcase inspection cover

                 detent mount bracket

                 governor arm

                 cam lever

                 rocker arm

                 flywheels can be either of Brass or Cast Iron


13 Aluminum Engine Castings

                 gas tank-engine base


                 crankcase side cover

                 cylinder barrel

                 cylinder head

                 3 muffler: upper & lower base, center baffle

                 connecting rod

                 drive pulley

                 rear crankcase cover

                 front crankcase cover

                 pushrod alignment bracket


7 Aluminum Water pump castings

                 water pump drive pulley

                 driven pulley

                 pump housing

                 pump impeller

                 pump end plate

                 mounting bracket

                 discharge flange


1 Aluminum water cooler casting

                 cooling screen cap


2 Boston Gears

2 oiler sight tubes

1 R&V metal tag

41 pages of plans and assembly drawings

Machinists notes, tolerance and decimal equivalent chart


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