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31678 N.W. Hillcrest, P.O. Box 1658, North Plains, OR 97133-1658


FAX: 425-969-8406

We are a custom precision machining job shop specializing in the design and manufacture of High Pressure molds for the Plastic Injection Molding and Die Casting Industries. We build molds from 100# to 30,000# and up to 60" long.

Located in the Pacific Northwest

General Manager :

Lonnie D. Aldrich

Custom Mold Base: 24in X 38in floating A plate, Medical Lens Cover

We are master tool makers and custom job shop machinists who specialize in the design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of molds for the plastic injection and die casting industries, and in short run production parts. Our company has been located in Oregon for over thirty-five years and our list of satisfied customers includes many of America's largest companies. Located in our (NEW HOME) North Plains Or. Ran-Bro Tool serves companies in the Investment Casting, Die Casting, and Injection Molding Industries. Ran-Bro Tool has been a producer of molds, dies, Target fixtures and short run production machining since 1965. Recognized as a leader in the industry with a total company commitment to excellence, with on-time delivery. Our new manufacturing area covers over 10,000 sq. ft. and is environmentally controlled year round, to perform ongoing certified inspection, consistent with industry standards and customer requirements. Our design area is equipped with 4 - Three Dimensional CAD/CAM work stations, We can handle tools up to 30,000 pounds (10,000# per plate) have our own trucks for pickup and delivery within 150 mile radius.


Ran-Bro Tool Company

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Unloading two molds 18,000lbs + 8,000lbs from our truck at our 10,500 sq ft facility.

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