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TOMORROW'S TREASURES by Rosalyn Alsobrook - Tomorrow's Treasures

St. Martin's Paperbacks; December 1997; 329 pp.; ISBN 0-312-96394-7
Highly Recommended

Damon Adams doesn't want to get married, and his daughter, Jeri, doesn't even want another female around--and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve that state of affairs--but Damon does want the contract that will keep the business he inherited from his father afloat. In order to get the contract, he agrees to his friend Blair's proposal to have her younger sister, Paige Brockway, accompany Damon and Jeri for their stay at Seascape Inn, a magical bed-and-breakfast in Maine. Disregarding any needs or wants but her own, Blair wants to change her sister's mind about moving back to their hometown in Texas, getting married, and having children--she wants Paige to get her fill of kids from trying to make a lady of Jeri, an infamous, tomboy brat. However, Paige is a woman with a mind of her own and a dream she needs to fulfill--not to mention a long term crush on Damon. Add a matchmaking ghost, a townful of delightful characters, and some shenanigans by the brat, mix well, and serve a truly great love story, one that keeps you guessing to the very end.

The sixth in the Seascape series, and the first I've had the privilege to review, TOMORROW'S TREASURES is an excellent book and doesn't require any prior knowledge of the inn or it's magical qualities. The cast is superb, the minor characters well-drawn, and Jeri is a delight in her pre-teen complexity. Ms. Alsobrook writes with a deft hand and a marvelous understanding of human nature and of love in all its glory, passion, and pain--so much so that I was sorry when I reached the end. Thank you, Ms. Alsobrook for a great and entertaining read.

Reviewed: Patricia White, "Under The Covers Book Review" October 1997



Rosalyn Alsobrook 12/97 -
St. Martin's
ISBN: 0-312-96394-7
ISBN: Backlist: The Perfect Stranger, For the Love of Pete
 <Short summary, then>..."This is one book in a series created by Rosalyn Alsobrook and Victoria Barrett, set at the Seascape Inn in Maine. The premise in the series is that the friendly spirits of the inn help couples find true love. Ms. Alsobrook has a warm style of writing and a wonderful way of making the reader empathize with her characters. This is an endearing story, without all the heavy love scenes, which seem to be prevalent in stories today. I very much enjoyed the tale and look forward to the continuation of this series.

"Tomorrow's Treasures is a pearl of a story!"

"Rosalyn Alsobrook's stories are treasures to be hoarded close to the heart!"

"Ms. Alsobrook weaves an extraordinary tale!"

--Gloria Lower, The Literary Times, 11-97


TOMORROW'S TREASURES - Rosalyn Alsobrook -

12/97 - Contemporary - St. Martin's - <short summary, then>..."It is #6 in the "Seascape Series." A humorous and interesting storyline, accompanied by colorful characters, adds to this book's appeal. For those readers who enjoy substance and subplots, you won't be disappointed.
----Sunny Adcock, Old Book Barn Gazette, issue 66.



ROSALYN ALSOBROOK - Tomorrow's Treasures

St. Martin's Press: ($5.99)

"The tale of Damon Adams and Paige Brockway along with their progress toward love and happiness is Paige's sister, Blair, and Damon's daughter, Jeri. Tony, the resident ghost has to give them a gentle nudge in the right direction, this is the last of the series of high quality writing with old familiar, and well loved characters. SPLENDID! 4 1/2 Bells!!" <<on a scale where 4 Bells = excellent>>

---Lorraine Stephens, "Bell, Book and Candle" Book Reviews, published by the 1995 RWA Bookseller of the Year, October Issue.



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