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You Might Be A Romance Writer If . . .

Nothing like a live wire!
  • . . .your dining room table is now your desk, your desk is now your in-basket, and your in-basket is where you keep all that stuff you really should do one day but you know you never will get around to it.
  • . . . you haven't seen the top of your bedside table in so long, you can't remember if it matches the rest of the furniture or not. It's covered up by that ever-growing beast occasionally referred to as your 'to be read' pile.
  • . . . you are so hyper during the creative process, you refuse to talk on any telephone that is in anyway attached to anything stationary and, therefore, run frantically around the house every time the phone rings, trying to figure out just where you left that blasted cordless this time.
  • . . . you need to call your editor to discuss all those revisions she says she wants, so you call a friend first--not for moral support, but to ask her to call you back so you can find that blasted cordless (because the manual that came with your telephone explaining how to use the "finder function" is buried somewhere in that huge 'to be read' pile on your bedside table).
  • . . . rather than do all that yard work, you put up a big sign that says "Natural Wildlife Reserve".
  • . . . not only do your socks not match, one of them isn't even yours.
  • . . . you waylay the UPS man/woman every time he/she brings you a package because you haven't talked to an "adult" human being who isn't somehow related to you in so very long you've forgotten what it's like.
  • . . . a concerned discussion about "sagging middles" doesn't necessarily mean that anyone present needs to go on a diet.
  • . . .when you really should be slogging through that "sagging middle", you're playing with your new desktop publishing program, making yourself fancy bookmarks and flyers . . . or a big sign that says "Natural Wildlife Reserve".
  • . . . you tell yourself the reason you have such a collection of spider webs in the kitchen over the stove is because you're planning to save bucks next Halloween when it comes time to decorate. After all, those fake spider webs have gotten expensive
  • . . .you burned toast three times in the same morning, all because you're still trying to reason out just what is wrong with that last scene in Chapter Five.
  • . . .research librarians duck when they see you coming--even in a restaurant.
  • . . .you accidentally blow up the kitchen sink while trying to find out the exact color of Everclear whenever it explodes and burns. Accuracy is important.
  • If you've determined you are a romance writer, and live in the northeast Texas area, check out Romance Writer's of America--East Texas Chapter (RWA-ETC).

Nothing like a live wire!

In case you missed finding out if you are a true blue romance reader...

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