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You Might Be A Romance Reader If . . .

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  • . . . you make your decision what to cook later that night based on what the heroine and hero are having for dinner in the novel you're reading.
  • . . . while thinking about that same novel you, you go to the store for another loaf of bread, forget what you went after, and come home with a box of chocolate and yet another romance novel.
  • . . . your "to be read" pile is taller than the swaggering hero in the current novel, but not quite as tall as that stack of laundry waiting for you in the other room.
  • . . .you feel a need to qualify your colors. Nothing is simply red, green, blue or yellow. It's temperamental red, and tenderfoot green, muted blue or buoyant yellow.
  • . . . you mark your calendars with bookstore "arrival dates", not birthdays.
  • . . . you pick your children's names from a list of your favorite heroines and heroes.
  • . . . you suspect your husband's motivation when he says he wants to make love to you.
  • . . . you have trained your subconscious sleeping self to keep your finger in your stopping place all night.
  • . . . your house has started to look like a used book store. When your friends comment on the large number of paperbacks also hidden under beds and stacked in closets, your husband explains that it's a sickness.
  • . . . you have your local bookstore programmed into your speed dial.
  • . . . "just let me finish this one page" translates into "I'll do it tomorrow".
  • . . . one of the first pages on this site you visited was the 'booklist" page.
Birds on a wire

Check to see if you "might be" a romance writer as well!

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