15 Brilliant Discoveries My Sons Made Before Age Six:
By author: Rosalyn Alsobrook

1. You can't cut up a golf ball to see what it is made of by tricking your dad into mowing over it, but you can make an awesome projectile out of it--one powerful enough to put a nice big permanent dent in the side of a mother's brand new car.

2. If you take off running down the street in the middle of a home haircut, your mother will likely chase after you screaming at you to come back there--and with the scissors still in her hand, making for lively conversation between the new neighbors and the police department.

3. The word permanent on the Marks-O-Lot is not put there as some fake sales pitch to con folks into buying it.

4. You really CAN staple your finger to a wall if you just try hard enough.

5. Rabbits don't like Rabbit on the run (good reason why!)to be spin dried.

6. Mothers can sprint at incredible speeds when you are sitting at what you've determined to be the finish line with a couple of wiggly little baby copperhead snakes.

7. The word STOP has nothing to do with meaning you should proceed to eat that handful of fishing worms you've managed to get hold of.

8. Dead grass in the neighbor's yard burns faster than you can put it out with a sippie cup and water from your own kitchen sink.

9. Your dad can't get water out of a frozen garden hose, not even after a small grass fire has passed over it.

10. A paddle burns just as hot as any small grass fire you may have accidentally started.

11. Just because you've figured out how to work on the neighbor's car engine by age five, doesn't mean you should.

12. The neighbors rose bushes were put there for a reason.

13. Your perception of what constitutes "dark outside" and your mother's perception of what constitutes "dark outside" are always hours apart.

14. Not everyone on your street is SUPPOSED to get the same amount of mail out of general fairness to all, so gathering up all the mail on the block then redistributing it so everyone gets equal amounts is not a good idea.

15. Neighbors just don't understand a good deed when they see one.


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