By Rosalyn Alsobrook

Zebra Books, 8/86
(Historical romance set during the Johnstown Flood of 1889, characters of which appear
briefly in TIME STORM, a time travel written years later)
ISBN: 0-8217-1874-6
Excerpt from Chapter Three:

. . . "I really am sorry for all this," Patricia stammered and wondered how to get this situation back under control. There must be something she could say to explain it better. Again, she offered him<Cole> an apologetic smile, but it wilted when she realized he was coming right over the bed after her. "I-I, uh, I really am sorry."

"I don't doubt that." He chuckled mischievously and continued to move ever so slowly toward her, his gaze locked with hers.

The menacing expression on Cole's face sent hot chills down her back and caused her skin to prickle into gooseflesh. Without taking time to study her direction, Patricia backed away from him, her fear growing by the second. When she passed a small wooden chair, she reached over and swung it in front of her in a pitiful attempt to set up a blockade, and continued to back away. There was still several feet between them and she wanted to keep it that way.

"If you would just step out of the room for a moment and give me a chance to get dressed, I would gladly go outside and retrieve your clothes for you."

"I'll bet you would." He smiled and never paused in his slow pursuit of her. He was like a lithe wild animal stalking its prey. His bared shoulders allowed her to view each movement of his sleek muscles as he came ever closer. She tried her best to ignore his near nakedness, but found it impossible to do. With a flick of his foot, he sent the chair sailing out of his way. She jumped with a start at the sound of it clattering against the far wall. "But I'm not really concerned about my clothes at the moment. I'm more concerned with your clothes."

Obviously, Cole had decided a little turnabout was called for. His blue eyes sparkled with delight while she continued to back away.

"Mr. Gifford. Please try to understand," she pleaded and took another step backward. When her pleas went unnoticed, she decided to try making demands instead. "Don't you dare take another step in my direction., Mr. Gifford! I want you out of my room right now."

Demands certainly didn't work. He continued to approach her. He never paused, never even flinched.

"Mr. Gifford, I-I am going to scream if you take another step," she warned, trying to swallow so she could take a deep breath without strangling on her own fear.

"Oh, com now, Mr. Gifford sounds so formal. Please, call me Cole," he told her in a mellow voice. Slowly, he took that next step, his gaze never leaving hers as he studied every emotion to be found in her rounded eyes.

"I mean what I say. I'm going to scream."

"But why? This was all your idea. I thought it was what you wanted."

Mortified, she stammered, "That was when I thought you were Ben Butler."

"Oh, you wanted to seduce me only if I was Ben and married," he said and lowered his brow as if trying to


"No! I never intended to go through with anything. I just wanted to teach him a lesson I thought he deserved...or would have if he had been you," she said with exasperation. Why was it so complicated to explain? It had all made perfect sense to her until she'd tried to put it into words. 'I never intended to let anything really happen. I had already taken my scheme as far as I was going to." Before she could think again about screaming, he was upon her.

"You should never start anything you don't intend to finish," he told her, his voice husky with desire.

Trapped by her own horrible web, Patricia's mind frantically sought a means to escape. There were two ways out of that room, the open window and the closed door. The window was the closest. Using the wall for leverage, she shoved him with all her might and made a lunge for the window, but only got a few feet before his hand had a firm grip on her arm. He spun her around and shoved her gently backward, sprawling her on her back across the bed. His silvery blue eyes sparkled as he smiled victoriously down at her.

"Quite a predicament you've managed to get yourself into here...."


You can try Amazon, but this is an older book and even though it was reprinted, EMERALD STORM remains harder to find than some.

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