Crissy Alsobrook

The photos of Author, Rosalyn Alsobrook's granddaughter have been UPDATED!
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Calvin dances!Calvin's twin dances, too.


Hobbs boogies to his own beat.



<at right: school photo, 1996

Crissy's birthday 1/99
More Crissy!
Crissy's birthday 1/99


Crissy & Uncle Tony
Crissy and her uncle Tony
Christmas, 1998
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More great photos on the Disney World vacation page! May, 1999
Below: 5 photos of Crissy dressed for rehearsing The Queen's Court
Part of the Yamboree Queen Elizabeth Daniel's Coronation: October, 1999

then photos of her as she grows up....all too quickly!


Crissy and Grandma Roz


Crissy on prom night

Christina Alsobrook was voted the Union Hill prom queen

Photographs of brother, Bryce!

Photographs of brother, Brayden!

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