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The Early Years

Romance and Women's Fiction author, Rosalyn Alsobrook, spent the first eighteen years of her life in Daingerfield, Texas, under the loving guidance of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Rutledge, who encouraged her liberally in all her early endeavors, including a weekly newspaper column for a local newspaper, which she created and wrote during her senior year of high school. (see a special tribute to Dr. L. E. Rutledge, M.D.)

Soon after marrying high school sweetheart, Bobby Alsobrook of Pittsburg, Texas early in 1971, she and her husband moved to Longview, Texas, where they lived for five years. During their first year in Longview, their older son (Andrew) was born. Even so, Rosalyn attended Kilgore College and became feature editor of the college newspaper (The Flare) for two years. Soon thereafter, she joined the frantic world of working mothers. Also during that time she sold short articles to magazines and did some technical writing in the medical field.

In 1976, she and Bobby moved to Gilmer, Texas, where they established and operated their own auto parts business for ten years. Shortly after moving to Gilmer in 1977, second son (Anthony) was born. In that time, Rosalyn not only did the office work and helped on the counter of the auto parts store, she wrote a weekly newspaper column called "The Shade Tree Mechanic" and continued to freelance magazine articles but soon gave that up for bolder endeavors. At the encouragement of her husband, she started her first book in 1979 and by 1981 had the pleasure of seeing THE THORN BUSH BLOOMS on the shelves. She's been addicted to book writing since.

More Current Information

Presently, this "bestselling" author has twenty-nine books published and four others in different stages of production. Her most recent novel, TOMORROW'S TREASURES, is a contemporary single title that is sixth in the St. Martin's Press "Seascape Romances" that she co-created. The Seascape Novels are the result of a project she and fellow author, Vicki Hinze (aka Victoria Barrett) put together "online". The pair met via Genie Electronic Network's "RomEx" and found they worked well together in crafting a complete "series concept" with individual novels set in a quirky seaside village in Maine inside a quaint bed and breakfast haunted by "meddlesome and friendly" ghosts. This was unchartered territory for authors. The series launched in March of 1996.

At last count Rosalyn Alsobrook has over two million copies of her works in print and her books have been translated into seven languages and circulated in eighteen countries. She has won both reviewer awards and research awards, the most recent having been nominated for RWA's most prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. She's also been selected for Who's Who In U.S. Writers, Editors, & Poets, 1989-90, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1993-94, and 1995-96. She was also selected for the 1994 and 1996 and 1998 International Author's and Writer's Who's Who.

Locally, she won an award at the first East Texas Arts and Entertainment Banquet held January, 1991: Favorite East Texas Author. Nominations for the award came from the general public and the winners were selected by a national arts and entertainment council. She won again in 1995, which was the fourth and final year the award was given. Also, in 1994, she was nominated for The Outstanding Achievement Award presented by the national review magazine Affaire de Coeur. She has also earned the coveted 1995 NOLA Climbing Rose Award for the author NOLA feels has earned the greatest achievements in the previous year. A year later, she won the 1996 RWA-ETC Sandy Award, for excellence. Most recently, she's earned career achievement nomination from the trade publication, Romantic Times.

In addition to novel writing, she has been an associate editor of a regional magazine, The Host, has sold fillers to medical magazines, and is an active member of a national critique service and judges contests for various writing groups. She continues to freelance feature style magazine articles to both national and regional magazines when time allows. Her most recent articles were in the Writer Magazine, the New Writer's Magazette, the Romance Writer's Report, and the 1996 Writer's Digest's GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS. She has also been a newsletter editor for both the East Texas Writer's Association, RWA-ETC (Romance Writer's Association--East Texas Chapter), and PASIC,the published author chapter. She has also sold humorous short stories to local and regional magazines and has given workshops and done fee-based critiquing and tutoring online.

Because she loves to encourage others to write, she has been involved in several school writing projects, including the "Write Right" program in her local high school and the gifted/talented programs in various Texas schools. She enjoys giving motivational and instructional talks to students, encouraging them to see the importance of the written word and has been a judge for the Texas UIL Ready Writing contests many times.

Rosalyn is a charter member of (Romance Writers of America (RWA) formed in 1980 as well as a member and twice past-president of East Texas Writers' Association of Longview, Texas. She is also currently active in Romance Writers of America--East Texas Chapter; (RWA-ETC) a charter member of Maine Romance Writers; and a long time member of North Louisiana Romance Writers; North Texas Romance Writers of America, and RWA-PAN. In addition to all that, she is treasurer for the PASIC chapter for published authors, which she helped found in 1996. She has also been a president of the Gilmer Elementary PTA, and both a secretary and vice-president of the Gilmer Lioness Club. Presently, she is secretary and voting member of the Gilmer City Planning and Zoning Commission.

When time allows, Rosalyn also talks at various writer's conferences and at various schools, which includes adult continuing education courses.

Rosalyn is an author, freelance writer, speaker, critiquer, teacher, a wife and mother; and in January of 1990, she became a grandmother when Christina Nicole Alsobrook (to meet Crissy, click here) was born. In 2002, Brayden joined the clan via Andrew's marriage to Missy.  In 2003, grandson, Bryce, was born.  Roz spends her day taking care of her family, the house, their pets, her garden, and her latest "project". She has even tried her creative hand at producing web pages, and although dabbling in screenplays with author friend, Trana Simmons, writing romance novels will always be important to her. After all, romance writing seems the natural thing for her since she firmly believes that true love can and will conquer any adversity. "How else could Bobby and I have survived thirty-seven years of marriage?" It is also why personal relationships play such a strong role in her writing, even in her time travels and in her Australian Sagas.

Adoption and orphaned children also play an important role in many of Rosalyn's books, a reflection of the fact she herself was adopted at birth. In 1989, she began her search for her biological parents and within months had learned her biological mother grew up with the last name Stickrod and married a Sanford, and her biological father was a chiropractic by the last name Owen. It wasn't long after that she met both and was able to establish a friendly relationship with her biological mother and three of her half siblings. Her biological father was cordial and sharing to a point, but Rosalyn has yet to be granted the privilege of meeting her three other half-siblings, on her biological birth father's side (a brother and two sisters--one brother died at an early age), and she regrets that they have never even been told she exists.  She regrets this deeply, but does keep up with these half-siblings' lives.

When writing novels, Rosalyn always strove to make her readers feel a wide range of emotions: "I always want my readers to laugh right along with my characters, many who tend to have my same warped sense of humor. I also like the reader to cry at least once, whether out of sheer joy or deep sadness; but mostly, I want to make my reader think--to make him or her sit back and contemplate the unique philosophy hidden behind each story."

Although writing is no longer a large part of Rosalyn's life, she does still dabble with it.  Having moved to the country with her husband, where she enjoys her children and grandchildren when she can, she has found other outlets for her creativity.  She also enjoys working four days a week at The McKenzie Clinic, where she truly enjoys her day to day interaction with the patients and her co-workers.

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