Gus & Mary's new home at 1915 William Drive Penngrove CA

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Well it has been months since I last updated this website. A lot has happened since I last posted pictures. The inside painting is finished, including the floors, which were painted with 'scrap' paint. The flooring in the kitchen and laundry room were installed by a professional crew. I then installed the kitchen cabinets and temporary counter tops. Mary and I took a trip to Soda Springs and retrieved some of our wedding presents from storage and had a nice 15th anniversary dinner with a few friends here at the house.
DSCF2334w.jpg (28019 bytes) The window glass has been installed on the front door. Picture taken on August 4th 2008.
DSCF2335w.jpg (42274 bytes) The siding and the lumber for the decking came just before we left for our train ride and convention trip in early July.
DSCF2340w.jpg (11476 bytes) I installed the toilet and hooked it up to the water system.
DSCF2336w.jpg (35174 bytes) So the outside porta-potty went away.
DSCF2342w.jpg (18718 bytes) This is the kitchen floor being prepped for the installation of the linoleum. Mary and I left to go to a picnic this day and when we returned it was a done deal. No pictures unfortunately. 
DSCF2374w.jpg (39364 bytes) I finally got to start the shingling along the front of the house, starting at the office door. It is 8-30-08. The first light fixture has been installed. These came from Ralph and Brenda Suter and I re-wired them to meet new code for $2.50 each, a great deal.
DSCF2375w.jpg (21368 bytes) This is the guest bedroom. Paint is "chilly morning", furniture is from Casey McC., with an air bed set on the four poster frame. The floor lamp came from Steve and Carol Skold.
DSCF2376w.jpg (17253 bytes) The living room from the entry door. Chairs from Carol Alexander and Michele & Steven Epstein. The walls are "crisp linen" and the ceilings are 'icy peach". The dining room was painted "tailwind" by Monica Moore. The dining room table and chairs were in storage from Mary's place in Seattle courtesy of brother Bill. The leather recliner is Mary's favorite and came home with us from Serene Lakes.
DSCF2380w.jpg (16584 bytes) The living room from the bedroom side looking towards the entry doors. Sofa from Michele & Steven with the lamp from Carol and Janette.
DSCF2379w.jpg (14189 bytes) The master bedroom walls are 'crisp linen', the bed was from a deal off CraigsList. It is very firm so we are installing a mattress topper from Costco. The window coverings came by way of our Costco rebate checks.
DSCF2378w.jpg (12071 bytes) View into the master bedroom closet. I used cedar for the flooring.
DSCF2381w.jpg (23823 bytes) This view is into the kitchen from the dining room. The cabinets are in place, glass is needed for the upper cabinet doors on the right. The range is also missing from the rear wall.
DSCF2385w.jpg (25186 bytes) This view of the kitchen is from the laundry room door. The island will have a butcher block top and a sink will be installed under the window.
DSCF2386w.jpg (20974 bytes) The 'dining nook'. A great deal was made for the fixture above the table, a close-out model replaced a discontinued one for less than one fifth of the cost. The table came for my grandmother's house in Corte Madera; a real nostalgic piece. A shelf will be placed along the wall where the paint color changes from "desert sand" to "icy peach".
DSCF2384w.jpg (35720 bytes) A look inside the pantry. A cabinet will replace the rolling cart and the chest freezer from Serene will live in here too.
DSCF2382w.jpg (18613 bytes) Looking into the laundry room from the kitchen, The washer and dryer came by way of CraigsList and a gift from Martha Moore. A laundry sink and cabinet will reside next to the washer where the laundry basket is now.
DSCF2383w.jpg (26409 bytes) Looking towards the outside door of the laundry room. This is a temporary office until the rug is placed into that room and the computer can be moved there.
DSCF2387w.jpg (28795 bytes) Looking into the guest bath from the living room side. Installed the flooring, cabinet and toilet. Janette provided the shower curtain. Temporary doors are old sheets or chunks of cloth.
DSCF2394w.jpg (66297 bytes) Front of the house has been shingled and the porch is decked. The fascia is not yet installed on 9-19-2008
DSCF2395w.jpg (74687 bytes) This is the first trip with furniture from the Serene Lakes cabin. The Blazer was loaded to the gills for this trip. 9-22-08
DSCF2423w.jpg (63619 bytes) This shot shows the back porch witht he decking laid in place, but not yet nailed down. 10-27-2008
DSCF2424w.jpg (73250 bytes) View from the back yard, I did the shingles as high as I could reach from my saw horses. When I finish the deck I'll set up a scaffolding to finish the shingles
DSCF2429w.jpg (90463 bytes) I enlisted Jorg and Darryl to help pour the concrete walkway. Here we are starting to pour the first trailer load of cement. It is around 10:30 on 11-17-2008
DSCF2433w.jpg (85206 bytes) I've left for the second trailer full of concrete while Darryl and Jorg work the concrete to a smooth finish.
DSCF2438w.jpg (85768 bytes) Starting to pour the second trailer full at the top of the ramp.
DSCF2441w.jpg (81435 bytes) Here is a shot of Mary, the photographer of most of this days project, standing in front of the laundry room stair pad.
DSCF2442w.jpg (95436 bytes) Four post have been set for the carport, this is the former location of the Costco tent.
DSCF2444w.jpg (49892 bytes) Some of the second load had to be placed with a wheelbarrow, it was too hard to move the trailer in close. Here Jorg and Darryl are dumping into the stair pad outside of the laundry room.
DSCF2450w.jpg (75105 bytes) Our clothes line pole is being set. Our latest "green" project.
DSCF2461w.jpg (46132 bytes) Taking back the trailer.
DSCF2465w.jpg (101184 bytes) Finishing the surface of the ramp in front. When I returned from the concrete place we all went to lunch.

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