Transcript of Locomotive Engineers And Firemen:
by Charles A Hoxie, 1876
Page 44


 The old fashioned packing rings are perhaps, all things considered, the most reliable cylinder packing in use, and the exceptions to the cases in which they will answer all purposes are very few. Where the cylinder is round and smooth, the packing rings should be turned in the cylinder, and when the packing is set, once in every four or six weeks, it is essential that the packing rings should be kept clean. When the steam begins to "blow through," as it is termed, or pass between the rings and follower-head, the rings should be taken out and cleaned, and the defect will generally be remedied. The blowing maybe detected by a close examination when the follower-head is off. Should the cleaning not be effectual, however, it will be necessary to grind in the rings, to do which, the piston must be taken out of the cylinder, and placed in a clamp or vise. The bottom rings are then to be ground to the back follower-head, the top ring to the bottom ring, and the follower-head

Page 45

to the top ring. Cylinder packing should be ground as little as possible, consistent with securing a good bearing upon the follower-heads and rings. In order to try them after they have all been ground in, the rings should be placed on the follower-head, and the latter screwed down hard. Then by tapping the rings with a hammer handle it will be ascertained whether they are loose enough to move quite freely. Should they bind they must be ground still more until they work with entire ease.

Chapter 1 - Introduction 
Chapter 2 - Locomotive 
Chapter 3 - The Fireman
Chapter 4 - Advice to Young Engineers
Chapter 5 - Tramming and Center Marking
Chapter 6 - Adjusting Side and Main Rods
Chapter 7 - Pumps and Pump Valves
Chapter 8 - Cylinder and Cylinder Packing.
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