Greensburg, Indiana - Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago
and St. Louis Railway Company CCC&St.L 1911 
Coaling Tower/Station
Circa 1910 - Bulletin No. 15 Photo Page

Here is  a  page from the Bulletin No. 15 from Roberts and Schaefer Co. of Chicago. It dates from around 1911.


The Photographs and Diagram View on the following page illustrate the outside appearance and method of handling coal in a typical Holman coaling station

This is the third plant of similar design we have built for the above company.

The design illustrates the use of composite construction showing concrete encased steel substructure with frame coal pocket.
This is a main line plant with facilities for coal on three tracks

Elevating capacity 125 tons per hour.

Steam power.

The receiving hopper is 34 feet long, covered with canopy to protect the car unloaders from the weather.

The plant was built on the foundations of the previous old style coaling station recently destroyed by fire. The foundations were shored to suit the design of a Holman plant.

Greensburg Tower

Coaling stations/towers were designed to fuel steam locomotives.  They came in all sizes and shapes.  Some were behemoth structures, while others consisted of a pile of coal, and a power shovel along a sidetrack. In the 19th and early 20th century, coaling stations were an integral part of every railroad. There were numerous coal stations; most towns with locally based locomotives had some type of coal facility.  There were also coaling stations located at intervals along routes, so that locomotives of through trains could fill up quickly, and maintain their schedules. Some were combined with water and sand holding structures. The introduction of diesel locomotives, led to the replacement or abandonment of these structures, and the use of  smaller overhead tanks holding diesel fuel.
"We are always in advance of other engineers when it comes to improvements in the handling of coal... We claim the credit of promoting and bringing to its high point of efficiency, the Holmen or Balanced Bucket Type of Locomotive Coaling Station..."

Roberts and Schaefer Co. 
Consulting Engineers and Contractors
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