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   A WARM Welcome to YOU

 Preferring quiet meditative inner peace as my work ambiance, I've been guided to a new location. in West Sedona !  ...for us to be spiritually inspired, excited, lifted.. and enlightened throughout your accurate and healing Readings.

A new website is going to be launched soon. Keep checking for the new design. Eventually you will be able to purchase video classes and there is so much more you will love.

Feel free to Email or Phone any time with any questions about a potential Reading.


928-282-3444 /  850-566-6698


FRIDAYS  4:00-5:30


LEARN ASTROLOGY and more about YOU.

LEARN what is coming up for the week to take best advantage of your life's days!  Everyone gets a tarot card interpretation. Discuss a current event or personal situation for spiritual resolutions, and even practice your own intuition.

FRIDAYS 4:00 - 5:30 only $20.

CALL for location in West Sedona.

I have been a positive & empowering Intuitive Heart Soul Guide Spiritual Reader 40+ years, consulted by celebrity, movers & shakers, and called the Reader's Reader.

Every Reading includes all of the following, always positive & empowering, as Holy Spirit can guide us well :

Tarot, Astrology (with or without your charts), little-known 100% accurate Cards of Destiny, Past Life Insight, Numbers, providing Clarity of Mind, and often Emotional and Physical Healing, etc.

Questions are not necessary but any question will be answered,  including all types of relationships, family, children, career, location to live, finances,
purpose in life, emotional and physical issues, all through high spiritual wisdom laws of nature.  Some answers may surprise and delight you. Gain keys to life. Unconditional and nonjudgmental loving insights with guidance. 

Book your Reading Appointment Now by phoning or emailing.


Before our appointment, I am able to do about 20 minutes preparation about you before your timed Reading even begins. Based solely on your birth information.
No extra charge.

If you are in Sedona you also receive a COMPLIMENTARY RELAXING GUIDED MEDITATION before we begin your Reading.

Minimum Reading time is 15 mins, and you can choose 30, 45, Hour or longer.

I was chosen as the 
Spiritual Columnist/Spiritual Blogger for Sedona's newspaper,
Read my articles online !
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      I live in the world's spiritual mecca of 
   beautiful, mystical  
Visit me in Person
in West Sedona! 
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Phone (or Skype) Reading!
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from my Dec. 7, 2011 article
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I'm happy to meet you here.  And I wish you joy, right now.

I greet you from my heart and invite you to relax.  Know and always remember, you are loved,  cherished... and protected, and CAN relax; now....and always. 

If you're willing, take a nice slow rich breath in and then let it out naturally. Let your shoulders relax...and your jaw...your eyes... Just pause a moment. 

I see you as perfect, even thru mistakes, that actually serve to  encourage us to different actions which bring better days; hence there's a real purpose for literally everything   (under the sun.) I hope you're open to all that is loving, healthy, abundant and peaceful for you, if that is what you're ready for and want now. 

Everything is made of energy and creates.  Even thoughts create so.....humbly know you are part of God - there is nothing but God energy -for anything to be created from - affirm you're a loved offspring so to say, and allow and expect your good, and feel gratefulness!  "Devilish" thinking is simply forgetting that God is great and having faith.

For 40 years I have given spiritual counsel to tens of thousands, including celebrity, clergy and political leadership.  I have been featured on TV, radio and in magazines.

Come visit me in Sedona! 
Or,.. phone Readings are always available!
Also Skype! 
Credit cards are accepted. Go to the Pay Now link.
Here you'll see what I'm currently doing, that you may want to participate in, & lots to read.
Hope you'll continue learning here and use it for your joy!
"Astrology" link at top of page 
If you wish to meet with me, call to set up your appointment time.
Readings for  Party Guests 
My positive, empowering Readings have been the "hit" of every Event!
You'll love 
"Bible Quotes"
link at top of the page.
I was on Star 98 FM every weekday, live, but eventually chose not to wake up so very early to be live on the air in the 6:00 a.m. hour each weekday morning.
You've also heard me on other top 10 radio stations as well as Sedona radio weekly. See bio page.
Have a Peace of Mind Positive & Empowering
Spiritual Insight & Guidance Reading
One Quarter Hour
Half Hour
Three Quarter Hour
Full Hour
Longer available in Quarter Hour Increments
Tape of Reading Available
(928) 282-3444  or
(850) 566-6698
Everyone has every sign of the zodiac in their birth chart horoscope, effecting their life in ways unique to only them, by looking at the overall picture of You.
Live consciously as to whom You are, realizing continuous planetary movements and interactions are meant for us to align with their meaning and to be used as opportunities to help live our best life!
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Let me know if you wish to get together.
You can have a complimentary individual time with me:
850-566-6698    928-282-3444

I INVITE YOU TO GET TO KNOW ME: Once upon my time - I began studying spiritual arts and sciences: the heavenly language of Astrology, sacred Tarot (Torah) Numerology and Past Life information, which originate from Kabbalah; which is the basis of our three largest man-made religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam); then naturally began offering Spiritual Insight to others.  

I became ordained as an interfaith Minister - (respecting all religious paths) and perform the holy wedding ceremony.

In North and South Florida, my spiritual insight and guidance has been featured on WCTV-6 CBS and WXEL Public Television, as well as Hot 104.9 WHTF-FM, Star 98, 98.9 FM and WNN-FM Radio.

I've authored Insight & Guidance newspaper columns; counseled Priests, Ministers & Rabbis, celebrities, and professional Readers, been engaged for tens of thousands of Readings; and been contracted for years to Wyndham Resort & Spa and world-famous Boca Raton Resort & Club. 

House Reader and Teacher at most every metaphysical shop in both Broward and Palm Beach counties; then in Tallahassee, I've appeared at Crystal Connection for years Reading and teaching; as well as Borders Books.  I've also sailed the Atlantic Ocean regularly, for years, as the Reader on Discovery Cruise Lines.  

For Borders Books I've conducted monthly spiritual book review groups; weekly Readings and lectures.  As well, I've lectured at Barnes & Noble, Liberties, and more, throughout Florida, for many years.  I've given my Spiritual Guidance and also lectured in Tallahassee, for Florida State University, also given spiritual insight and guidance Readings at F.S.U., the Mary Brogan Museum, and renowned Chez Pierre.

In Florida I've been praised for lectures, projections and accuracy in Miami Herald, Boca Raton News, and Tallahassee Democrat.  I have been a regular newspaper columnist for Forum News and Kaleidoscope newspapers.

Engaged for Bar Mitzvahs, Bridal Showers, Private Parties, Corporate events, etc., I also minister in Florida, Georgia and Alabama churches.

I have sung for years in various spiritual centers, theaters, condominiums, as well as nursing homes, and had a contract with a major New York recording label.  Still singing!

Through Spiritual Insight & Guidance, I translate Spirit in a positive and empowering manner, which I can explain even better as I show you or describe the pictures that I am interpreting from; the ancient pictures handed down and depicted on cards to help you see with your own eyes, beyond just listening.

These spiritual arts and sciences are read like a language; or like music.  Just as helpful as it is to easily move around a country by knowing how to speak its language, is the value of the insightful, guiding, empowering positive translation of these spiritual languages to best get around in your life.  

We rely on weather predictions to enable us to make good choices for our days and nights, and to sometimes take necessary precautions in preparation for some conditions?  Such is the worth in taking the temperatures of our days, so to speak, from the "signs" from heaven's planetary motions. 

We are meant to live life with peace of mind; in fact, what some call bliss.  The wisdom of celestial insight and guidance has been invaluable since ancient times.  See my link of Bible and other quotes supporting these spiritual arts and sciences.  

Focused Tarot consultation with Spirit, expanded by including astronomical mathematically-calculated geometrical aspects of the daily planetary motions, i.e. heavenly "signs," spoken of in the Bible, (which is astrology),... as well as included numerology,... benefit us, and can all guide and enlighten our free will with insight and assistance to experience wonderful outcomes in life... through deeper clarity into life, your self and loved ones... all with the aim of love and peace of mind. ... Then think how sweet a little past life insight can be, added to your inner vision for a more whole view and healing.  

Timing is everything, "they say," and that's where astrology is your benefactor. 

Upcoming available energies can be seen. 

How you use energy is free will, as well as that your free mental energy choices were, and are what bring the dreams or fears that come to pass for us.  

This is why spiritual insight and guidance has been considered as valuable as gold for milleniums.

Without clarity, we can keep cycles occuring that we really would prefer to be in our past... as simple as not being aware that a particular time of month or year is crucial for planting/initiating positive efforts for undertaking a new particular type of cycle. 

And so if you unwittingly complain about that very thing, well, what do you think you're going to reap?  The seeds of expectation planted could reap what you complained about.  And you may wonder why nothing ever changes.

You can choose to know the parameters of what potentials are forecast so you can be empowered to use the insight wisely when its time comes.  Life can be oh so sweet and full of easy growth, inner and outer fulfillment, peace and love. 

Have you taken enough time to understand and make decisions that will positively effect your life?  Know yourself and loved ones deeper than you thought.  It's freeing, empowering and can change your life and relationship dynamics positively.

I hope you enjoy what you "see" on this site.

Keep looking up!


I offer Readings in person or by telephone.

Every Reading includes sacred Tarot in a positive and empowering way, with complete Astrology (even without knowing time or location of birth), Numerology and Past Life insight.  Communication with loved ones is also possible for you.

Additionally, I offer to calculate and translate your Astrology Birth Chart with current transit meanings included, for a very small additional fee.  This is where your exact birth time and location would be needed.

Unlike some other Readers, I understand that if something challenging shows in a Reading, it is likely showing a present situation that you're aware of, not necessarily depicting a negative outcome, and Spirit is ready to help you make outcomes as pleasant as possible, through guidance.  

Over the years, in my newspaper columns, I've reminded my readers to check out Readers carefully before sitting with them, to be certain they are not carelessly and unnecessarily negative or frightening, or simply being very general with you.  Be certain you can tell they have a caring attitude about people, are not just there for their income.

As an interfaith Minister, I know that Loving Spirit is always within, to offer empowering guidance.  You can also gain this through Readings, to assist you in creating positive outcomes, or shed insight on how to better perceive situations to see the good, always ready to show what good is around the corner or right in front of you! I teach this way of Reading, as well.

Readings by phone are just as accurate as they are in person. It is not really you, in person, nor I for a phone Reading, shuffling the cards on your behalf and having them be placed exactly where they will be for your Reading.  It is Spirit that is putting the cards in the "right" order for your Reading, knowing how the Reader will interpret them for their accurate communication.

No matter who shuffles, the spread of card depictions are always according to what Spirit wishes to show and say.  What's wonderfully interesting is how, as more cards are put out to look at various questions and issues, the answer is always right there, in time, on time.  We can tell just by looking at the pictures. 

You may also choose to have a complete Past Life Reading, which takes an Hour and a Half. Shorter times can be accommodated, if necessary.  This Reading is somewhat different than a regular reading, but also uses a regular tarot deck for additional information, as well as your astrology, which always gives past life insight.  Your actual birth chart isn't necessary but can add more insight.

I offer Tarot Class, which includes ancient and everyday meanings, as well as including Astrology, Numerology, decoding the alphabet, telling likely time of outcomes, practice giving a Reading, and receiving a Reading just for you.  It also comes with 2 layouts that you read as one.  The Layout indicates where you lay each card and what that placement means, and it also has a lot of helpful information printed on it.  It is yours to keep.
The 10 hours is for beginners and professionals, alike; done in person, usually taught in four weekly gatherings.  You can also order the Tarot Class on tape.  It comes in a lovely cassette album with the layout included.  Your Reading would be by phone if the class was by Tapes.  See PHOTO below.
Using Tarot and Astrology and Numerology and Spiritual Wisdom allows us to actually co-create our lives with Spirit, being pro-active instead of reactive to life; not being "victim" to whatever randomly happens to you. 
"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven," it says in the Bible.  "Signs" from astrology aspects can be interpreted to the minute, hour, day, month, etc. if you wish.  Each zodiac constellation gives us "signs" through its yearly New Moon and yearly Full Moon.  But there are other "signs" which would be for a more in-depth class at another time.
Good farmers would or should know when/what time of year to plant various types of seeds according to what they wish to harvest.  So should every human being plant intentions for particular themes of life when it is time to do so, according to the zodiac signs. 
You wouldn't plant most flowers in the Winter, would you?  And we must weed our garden (at Full Moon time) so that what we have seeded will have room to manifest.  We can tend our life/farm.  And God lets us know when it is time for everything under the Sun. 
You'll learn a lot about heaven, astrologically, what's happening in the sky currently and upcoming, so you can be master of your "fate." 
With spiritual connection and clarity, watch your life and soul blossom as you'd dreamed.

Ten-Hour Tarot Class for Beginners or Professionals, on Audio Cassettes, includes Two-in-One Reading Layout.





Enjoy the view. Life is magnificent and beautiful.

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