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Friends? Foes?
Normally, wild raccoons won’t hurt your pet cat. Well, if kitty messes with her babies, a momma raccoon would get nasty, but generally, they tend to mind their own business. We have seen cats and raccoons become good friends and even know of a raccoon who used to raise orphaned kitties!

Hey, the Raccoons eat my Cat food!  What to do if you feed your cats out side and the neighborhood raccoons eat the food?

Remember, raccoons are wild animals. They belong out there. Cats are domesticated animals and need to be cared for by people. If you have cats, learn to be a really good pet parent and have your animals vaccinated and neutered and keep them safe.  Check out the humane society  www.hsus.org and other animal welfare people and websites for more information. If after researching all the really good information out there, you still have to feed your cats outside, we will offer some advice:

Feed your cats inside  and/or  Feed your cats during the day

Your cats will figure out when and where the food is available!

Raccoons can’t jump

They are very smart and can do many wonderful things, but their stout little bodies were not built to jump. If you have ever known a cat, on the other hand, you know that cats can leap amazing heights. My little tuxedo cat can be sitting on the kitchen floor one moment and be on top of the refrigerator the next. A raccoon could climb a ladder, a fence, a tree, a stick, a chair or a staircase, but it could not jump up to the top of something as high as a refrigerator!

Best advice of all, Please feed your cats inside 

Raccoon Rescue of the Florida Keys