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We are Raccoon Rescue of the Florida Keys. We are dedicated to the protection of the little Florida Keys raccoons -- found nowhere else on earth. We do this through community education and hands-on care of injured and orphaned animals with the goal of releasing healthy animals back into the wild.

We work with Wildlife Rehabilitators to help rescue and rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals and help facilitate their ultimate release back into the wild.

We speak for the wild raccoons because they cannot speak for themselves. We represent the Florida Keys raccoons and their best interests as people from the Keys Wildlife Centers,
Conservation Groups, Government Agencies and other concerned citizens collaborate to create a plan to protect the future of the natural environment of the Florida Keys.

We work with Educators and others to help people understand how unique our native raccoons are and the valuable contribution they make to our natural environment.

We are funded solely by private funds and we appreciate all donations!

Raccoon Rescue of the Florida Keys