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S.u.S.E. Linux on the NEC Versa LX

Why I decided to write this Web Site

This is my piece of the web. I have been dealing with Linux in one shape or another for about 7 years now. My first experience with Linux came at 'Cup O' Joe's' in Raleigh, NC. I guess that was all it took. The interface was just too cool. Keep in mind that this was during Winblows 3.1 days. Didn't take much to impress me at that point in time. Any way, I bought RedHat 4.2 shortly thereafter and got thoroughly lost. When I couldn't get X to configure to my display ( Compaq Contura 4/25c w/ Compaq AVGa video), I just waited for RedHat 5.0 to be released. That was when I realized the joys of Linux: no driver, no problem, just write one. Well, needless to say, I didn't know an ounce of programming, let alone how to write a driver. What to do? I did what every other red blooded geek did, I built a system around the OS. It was a Cyrix P+166 w/ 16M and 1.2G, and a Trident 9680 video card if memory recalls correctly. Believe it or not the same machine is still running! Anyway, as I was saving the necessary funds to build this 'beast', SuSE was blasting me with their mailers for SuSE 5.3. One look at the pamphlet and all the apps that came with the distro and I was hooked. I have been running SuSE since that day. Through all my trials and tribulations with Linux, I have stuck with it and managed to do a thing or two with it. That is the purpose of this site. Along my journey's, I have occasionally wished for some assistance somewhere. Hopefully, this will serve as some guidance for some up and coming Linux geek. If it helps one person, then it has served it's purpose.

This site will remain mostly static, primarily because I am not an html 'guru' and Earthlink does not support ColdFusion. I will, however keep it updated with relevant information as I see fit. I will also entertain suggestions. Note that this does not necessarily mean that I will listen. Afterall, this is my page. With that said, please browse my site, and hopefully you will learn a thing or two.

Quintin Womack


The author (me) makes no assumptions towards accuracy or completeness of information. This document has nothing to do with NEC, Earthlink or SuSE Linux. Hell, they don't even know it exists. There is no guarantee that the information on this page is accurate, please don't hold me responsible if your experience is different from the information here.


One. Here it is - Werner Heuser of Mobilix wrote the cool software that generated the report you see here. Nobody else got off their dead butt to help me write this site. I will, however, acknowledge the fact that the majority of the information used to derive this site was gathered off the Internet.

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