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Selected Publications (view entire publication list)

Fichtenberg CM, Muth SQ, Brown B, Padian NS, Glass TA, Ellen JM. The structure of African American adolescent sexual networks in an endemic sexually transmitted infection setting. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Jan 2009; 36(1):41-48.

Brewer DD, Roberts JM.Jr., Muth SQ, Potterat JJ. Prevalence of male clients of prostitute women in the United States.  Human Organization, Fall 2008; 67(3):346-356.
(presented as: Prevalence of Clients of Prostitute Women in North America.  The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference, Cincinnati, November 2004; 25th International Sunbelt Social Networks Conference, Redondo Beach, CA, February 2005.)

Progress in Colour Studies Volume I: Language and Culture

MacKeigan T, Muth SQ.  “A Grammatical Network of Tzotzil Mayan Colour Terms”, in Carole P. Biggam & Christian J. Kay (eds): Progress in Colour Studies Volume I: Language and culture, John Benjamins, 2006.  
(presented as “A Network Analysis of the Emergence of a New Colour Term” at the Progress in Colour Studies Colour Conference, July 2004.  Department of English Language, Institute for the Historical Study of Language, University of Glasgow, Scotland)

Network Epidemiology: A Handbook for Network Survey Design

Potterat JJ, Woodhouse DE, Muth SQ, Rothenberg RB, Darrow WW, Klovdahl AS, Muth JB. Network dynamism: history and lessons of the Colorado Springs study, in Morris M (ed.) Network Epidemiology: A Handbook for Network Survey Design. Oxford University Press, 2004: Ch. 4.
(presented at the IUSSP Conference on Partnership Networks and the Spread of HIV, Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 7, 2000.)

Brewer D, Potterat JJ, Garrett SB, Muth SQ, Roberts JM, Kasprzyk D, Montano DE, Darrow WW.  Prostitution and the sex discrepancy in reported number of sexual partners.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2000; 97:12385–12388. [abstract] [fulltext] [PDF]
(presented at the XIXth International Social Networks Conference, Charleston, SC, 2/1999)

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