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Current and Recent Projects with Direct Analytical Involvement


Syndemic Development and HIV Risk Among Vulnerable Young Men, Garofalo, Mustanski, PIs (NIDA grant 5R01DA025548-03)

HIV Risk in Large Social Networks of Homeless Youth, Eric Rice, PI (NIMH grant 1R01MH093336-01)

Latino Migrant Men: Sex/Drug Networks and HIV/STI Risk/Resilience, Patricia Kissinger, PI (NIDA grant 1R21DA030269-02)

Network-directed community screening for HIV, Richard Rothenberg, PI (NIDA grant 5R21DA030286-02)

Spatial Epidemiology of Syphilis and Gonorrhea in North Carolina, William Miller, PI (NIH grant 5R01AI067913-05)

Online Social Networking for HIV Prevention, Sheana Bull, PI (NIH grant 5R01NR010492-04)


Geography, networks, and risk in disease transmission, Richard Rothenberg, PI (NIH grant 1R01DA019393)

Clients of Prostitute Women: Deterrence, Prevalence, Characteristics, and Violence (PDF), Devon Brewer, PI (NIJ)

Behavioral clustering in adolescents with STDs, Richard Rothenberg, PI (NIH grant 1R01HD043678)

Modeling HIV and STD in Drug User and Social Networks, Martina Morris, PI (NIH grant )

STD Risks Associated with Adolescents' Sexual Networks, Jonathan Ellen, PI (NIH grant 5U01AI047639)

Interviewer Factors in Elicitation of HIV Risk Networks, John Potterat, PI; Devon Brewer, co-PI (NIH grant 5U01AI047639)

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