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Projects with Direct Analytical Involvement


  • None at present


  • Social Networks of Abused Prescription Pills in Youth (SNAPPY), Al-Tayyib, PI (NIDA grant K01DA036452)

  • Preventing HIV Transmission by Recently Infected Drug Users, Sam Friedman, PI (NIDA grant 4DP1DA034989-05)

  • Syndemic Development and HIV Risk Among Vulnerable Young Men, Garofalo, Mustanski, PIs (NIDA grant 5R01DA025548-03)

  • HIV Risk in Large Social Networks of Homeless Youth, Eric Rice, PI (NIMH grant 1R01MH093336-01)

  • Latino Migrant Men: Sex/Drug Networks and HIV/STI Risk/Resilience, Patricia Kissinger, PI (NIDA grant 1R21DA030269-02)

  • Network-directed community screening for HIV, Richard Rothenberg, PI (NIDA grant 5R21DA030286-02)

  • Spatial Epidemiology of Syphilis and Gonorrhea in North Carolina, William Miller, PI (NIH grant 5R01AI067913-05)

  • Online Social Networking for HIV Prevention, Sheana Bull, PI (NIH grant 5R01NR010492-04)

  • Geography, networks, and risk in disease transmission, Richard Rothenberg, PI (NIH grant 1R01DA019393)

  • Clients of Prostitute Women: Deterrence, Prevalence, Characteristics, and Violence (PDF), Devon Brewer, PI (NIJ)

  • Behavioral clustering in adolescents with STDs, Richard Rothenberg, PI (NIH grant 1R01HD043678)

  • Network HIV Intervention Prevention for Drugh Users, Carl A Latkin, PI (NIH grant 5R01MH066810)

  • Modeling HIV and STD in Drug User and Social Networks, Martina Morris, PI (NIH grant R01-DA012831)

  • STD Risks Associated with Adolescents' Sexual Networks, Jonathan Ellen, PI (NIH grant 5U01AI047639)

  • Interviewer Factors in Elicitation of HIV Risk Networks, John Potterat, PI; Devon Brewer, co-PI (NIH grant 5U01AI047639)

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