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Stephen Q. Muth, Director
Colorado Springs, CO USA
voice: 719.694.8220
e-mail: quintus (at) earthlink.net
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Sheet Music

Stephen Muth writes: "Keyboard and percussion performance has been a lifelong hobby of mine. My twelve years of classical keyboard training culminated with a year's jazz instruction with the late Wendy Williamson, of Stan Kenton's Big Band fame. I recently heard he still jams out on occasion. Nice to see they named the auditorium after him; he was an incredible player."

For a few decades, we've been collecting and restoring vintage keyboards, as well as enough equipment to produce soundtrack accompaniment for your projects, presentations, and advertisements. If you want royalty-free soundtracks composed and performed, or need some of your music realized, we can do it.

Our current equipment list includes:

We also hope to build a Theremin sometime, just to freak people out on Halloween (requires RealPlayer or RealAlternative).

Cross-Eyed Mary

A few years back, Steve got together with a few friends and covers Jethro Tull tunes in a Colorado Springs-based band called "Cross-Eyed Mary". That's Steve on the campstool so low his head barely clears the tom-toms. In April 2006, Vance Grasso (aka "Ian") booked us warming up for Jefferson Starship in Old Colorado City. With a moment's notice, and a lot of help from his friends, three unsynchronized camera angles and four audio tracks (one off the soundboard) were captured in the middle of the street during a spring lightning storm.

Despite the non-optimal raw materials, Quintus-ential Solutions labored to clean crackly sound, adjust for varying light conditions, and synchronize multiple audio and video sources -- all at slightly different speeds. The result was an impressive DVD, all things considered, rendered in 5.1 surround sound and used to further promote the band. The video was uploaded to Youtube, where user reviews are decidedly positive.

MIDI Production

Five years before starting Quintus-ential Solutions (1995), Steve was cutting his teeth on MIDI file production. The following examples, not originally intended for general release, were created mostly to test the limits of his gear (by over-playing all tracks).  They are offered, despite their flaws, as examples of his ability to quickly render musical stylings. All parts were performed straight into a sequencer with only a metronome as starting material, and mostly first-takes were kept. In addition, most mistakes were just left alone, with very little editing afterward. With too many notes sounding at the same time, the typical PC sound card will suffer from "note stealing" -- where many notes are cut off prematurely to make room for new ones.

Stephen is making MIDI files again, this time with better equipment and focusing on meeting client specifications.  Commissioned pieces are crafted appropriately to a desired musical styling, and edited for perfection.

  • Palladium (by Wayne Shorter), featured on the Weather Report album "Heavy Weather"
  • Mysterious Traveller (also a Wayne Shorter composition, title cut from the Weather Report album)
  • Red Baron (Billy Cobham), from the works Spectrum, Shabazz, Live at 60 (DVD)
  • "Egocentric Molecules" (Jean-Luc Ponty), from Cosmic Messenger, LIVE, and Very Best of...
  • "Don't Let the World Pass You By" (Jean-Luc Ponty), from Cosmic Messenger
  • "Imaginary Voyage (Part II) (Jean-Luc Ponty), from Imaginary Voyage

  • And finally, the Frank Zappa files:

  • "Uncle Meat", from Uncle Meat, You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (YCDTOSA), Vol. #2 (The Helsinki Tapes), Yellow Shark, et al...
  • "Let's Make the Water Turn Black" / "Oh No" / "Orange County Lumber Truck" Medley, from YCDTOSA1, We're Only In It For The Money, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Lumpy Gravy, Roxy & Elsewhere, Make a Jazz Noise Here, and probably a bunch more I forgot to mention.
  • "The Idiot Bastard Son", originally from We're Only In It For The Money, this version is patterned after the one on YCDTOSA), Vol. #2
  • "Peaches en Regalia", originally from Hot Rats, and later on Fillmore East, this version is patterned after the one on Tinseltown Rebellion
  • "Blessed Relief", off The Grand Wazoo
  • Dangerous Music

    Quintus-ential Solutions can accomodate budget musical production, e.g. for presentations, advertising, etc. But some people are looking for pro gear for digital audio production—analog summing, mixing, mastering, monitoring for the top end digital workstation.

    The best in the world, hands down, can be found at Dangerous Music. Great reviews are coming in.

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