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Stephen Q. Muth, Director

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Media Conversion: Problems & Solutions

    It happens all the time; hardware is upgraded, but mission-critical data or applications exist only on outdated media.  Old readers fail, and new ones are hard to find or fail in modern computers.  Sometimes there's a need to restore and digitize audio recordings, printed or photographic media.

    At Quintus-ential Solutions, our old media readers are discarded only when they cannot be repaired.  So files on old media can be
refreshed and transferred to new media then e-mailed, FTPed or FedExed right back to you.  If we don't have the gear on hand to help you, we probably know someone who does.  E-mail us for availability and terms.

    Some of the formats we can readily convert:
        Old hard drives & tapes: MFM, RLL, SCSI-I, SCSI-II, old-school IDE drives before auto-recognition, tape back-ups, old floppy formats
                (e.g., 5 1/4" & 3 1/2" single density), non-DOS data (e.g., ancient synths and sequencers)
        Optical media:  Zip 100, 5 1/4" Optical rewriteable cartridges
        Audio: 1/4" reel tape, vinyl (all speeds) w/ tube-amplification and deep-cleaning, if necessary, DAT, audio-cassette (with bias adjust)
        Video:  VHS (PAL & NTSC), inter-convert all digital formats currently in use, from DVD w/ 5.1 surround to pocket video players

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