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A Social Network

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Online Resources - I use the following free and low-cost software on a regular basis:
Pajek, by Vladimir Batagelj & Andrej Mrvar - excellent for visualization & analysis of large networks
UCINet / NetDraw, by Steve Borgatti @ Analytic Technologies - provides advanced, matrix-based network analyses
Mage / Kinemage, David & Jane Richardson, et al. @ The Richardson Lab, Duke University - 3D network visualization
Statnet / ERGM, by Hunter, Butts, Goodreau, Handcock, Morris, et al. - statistical simulation of networks (presentation)

General Networks Links
INSNA - International Network for Social Network Analysis - if you're interested in network analysis, this is network central
NetVis - THE collection of network visualization resources, a one-stop super-shop
Cytoscape - for visualizing networks of molecular interaction - it could be good for many more things

Access Database Resources
DatabaseDev - a UK-based site with excellent FAQs, tutorials, forums and code
Blue Claw Database Design, LLC - excellent tips and tricks, stuff you won't find in any book. They will custom design systems as well.
Allen Browne's Tips - for Access database developers.  One of the best sites out there for undocumented tips and tricks.
VB Forums - a comprehensive forum for Visual Basic development
Drivers Downloads For Free - A great place for finding obscure device drivers.
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