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Our New Addition!
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A Real "Rescue"!!!

   Meet our latest “rescue”, and in every sense of the word it was.   On September 1st.a neighbor around the corner called to ask if one of our birds got loose.  She said there was a parrot of some kind flying around and thought it might have been ours.


   So off around the corner I go.  Sure enough there is a parrot flying around being terrorized by a hoard of neighborhood brats.  After telling them to not go near the bird, which kept flying away from them anyway, I walked over and it hopped on my hand and ran up my shoulder.  I almost made it home before it flew onto a porch, but I made quick work of capturing it with my shirt.


   But we made it back and it got an immediate wing clip, where I almost cut the poor guys toe off and then he/she made itself at home.



Greetings to Kiwi!
Kiwi is a Nanday Conure.

   We have pretty much decided to keep it as it has obviously been out on its own for quite a while.  It looked like it hadn’t bothered to preen itself in at least a month, had two fully developed tail feathers almost completely encased yet, full flight feathers and toe nails so long they almost curled under.  So whoever owned it at one time didn’t seem to take very good care of it, poor thing was starved!!


   It’s been almost two months now and we have sort of decided that it is a “he” and has been named Kiwi.  He seems to fit in the family well and him and Fritz actually seem to get along…….well at least they are not trying to tear each other up!  Fritz loves to go over to Kiwi’s perch and snoop through his food as if we have giving him something different.  He is very well mannered and has learned to give kisses and steps up great.


   Not quite that we wanted another smaller bird, but since he is here………here is where his forever home will be.

So......a big "Welcome Home Kiwi"!!!!!!!