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   I always seem to forget the camera whenever Paco starts screaming for a shower (she's so loud, sometimes I forget my name as well), well this time I remembered!
  I added one of our new Quakers, Sprout to the page.
He really enjoys a good soaking in his little "tub".
Fritz and Bruce don't really have any "bath pics" as Fritz is just a quick dunker and Bruce is just a little spritz bird.

1  -   Bath time starts when she is screaming for something and we can't figure out just what it is.........that is until she starts dancing on her water dish.   Ever see a 3 ft. bird try and bathe in a 5 in. wide dish?


3  -  As you can see, this process invloves much flapping of wings (not to mention I'll probably need an operation for carpal tunnel syndrome from all the prolonged squirting)  and dancing around the ladder on her perch.    She'll go from right side up to upside down in the process as well.


5  -  Well......we're almost done.  I can tell when she's had enough simply by stopping.  If she has a fit and continues her "squacking"  (i.e. - LOUD SCREAMS) some more bathing agent must be applied with renewed vigor.   If she just starts to chill out and calm down then she's done.


"Well Dad, I think that's enough for now.  Now be a good daddy and go get our dinner ready, make sure it's nice and warm for I feel a bit chilly".
   "And don't forget to clean-up that awful mess you made on the floor"!!


-  Well it's time to fill up the misting bottle with hot water, by the time it gets out of the mister is practically cold.    Cover the floor with bath towels (it makes an unbelievable mess and uses at least the entire bottle of water, which is a little over a quart) and start spraying!!


-  Not to mention enough squacking to drive a small duck pond full of ducks into submission.  As youcan see in the background, we have a 3 and a half foot high by 5 foot long mirror on the wall........that and the plexi-glass that covers her window have whatI believe will be permanent water spots on them.
    Surprisingly enough the wall doesn't appear to suffer.   I do however!


C'm here and give me a kiss first Dad!!


Of course now we have Sprout who really enjoys a good bath!


Dive!  Dive!  Dive!


And now we have a wee little wet Sprout!