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Share my interest in photography?    No?   Good.......I'm not interested in my photography either!
Want to comment on some of the photos in this album (better not if you know what's good for you), or point me toward some of your own photos.......(even though I'm way to busy to ever check them out)?      Please get in touch!

Seriously though...if you have any questions about birds, cats, community organizing or whether we like ketchup on our fries or not, just click on the below link to send me mail:  [For protection purposes, please put "QH's Website" in subject box or the message will be deleted.  (Hell, I may delete it anyway)]

Ralph & Betty Quinn ( here!!)

Take some time and check out Betty's new web site devoted to her pet potrait drawings.
She does great work at a great price!!!!

Just click here and you're on your way!!!