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    I found the time to do another update........
   We are all fairing well, the Green Beans have settled in nicely, Paco & Fritz are doing good, the cats drool as usual.
   You'll all have to check out the Our New Addition  page, which deals with our latest surprise family member!!!
   We're not looking forward to the winter weather and hoping that it will be our last up here in New York State.  But we will spend it busily packing the house up and studying to become certified "Hoosiers" in time for the move.
  Hopefully I won't take so long to do the next update, but you all know that you never can tell just what I am liable to do!!!!!!

   Photography is more than a hobby for us. It's a passion, the way we capture and celebrate life, mainly because if I didn't take these picutres, we would forget who the hell everybody is!
    In this album, we've assembled some of our favorite photographs.  Most of them are of our wonderful animal family (yeah right!) which keeps us hopping every day, but we Love them all anyway!
       And of course the two of us..............



   We have two Siamese cats, Yin & Koko.....both extrordinary pains in the butt!  And four parrots; Paco - our Blue & Gold Macaw, Fritz - our Sun Conure, our newest members of the family........Bruce & Sprout - the Quakers and of course the multitude of birds that visit our back yard and God knows how many mice running through the walls of this old house!!
   We also have between us 7 children and 6 grandchildren (thank God they are all gone now or I swear I would have sold them into slavery) !


Of course Paco has to help!

Betty & Fritz

Oh...........Don't forget to check out Betty's new web site for her pet portraits!!!
(More information on this on our "Contact Us" page.)

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!