Constructive Destruction Review

The Flying Luttenbachers - Constructive Destruction

from Ted E. Gray's Review of Chicago Bands
found on the Drag King website

The only record released by the now legendary Flying Luttenbachers.
Another band that broke up a few months ago. The Flying Luttenbachers
were another one of Ken Vandermark's bands although he quit shortly
after they recorded this record. They were an amazing band to see live.
Their drummer Weasel Walter is a punkroksuperfreak. He's got a skinhead
punk haircut except for two spikes of hair in front that he twists into
two antennas that make him look like a martian. When they would play
live he would paint his face white and put dark lines under his eyes
like a baseball player on a bright day. He would end up looking like a
punk rock charleton. He would kick his drum kit and spit at the audience
members. The music had to be heard to be believed, and fortunatly their
LP captures the intensity of their live shows. Imagine Albert Ayler
reborn as an angry punk. Their sound was a cross between Coltrane,
The Mothers of Invention, and Napalm Death. It's basically white boy
fake free jazz propelled to a higher level with electric guitar and
bass. My brother is a high brow free jazz freak. I played this record
for him and he found it offensive. "I could play you some REAL free jazz
if you're willing to try to listen to it." Considering my brother's
reaction to this record I would think it would have to qualify as a

The record itself looks very punk diy. Cheap cardboard with photocopies
glued to the front and back. The first track, "The Critic Stomp" begins
with a ten second high pitched stereo test noise and then the barrage
begins. One of the highlights of the record is the beginning of
"The Indescreet Nation" when Weasel announces that he's gonna do a drum
solo to the crowd at the Czar Bar. The liner notes on the back say that
the cut was recorded live that night at the Czar Bar by Elliot Dicks.
There's a track on the Scissor Girls' LP that has (12/3/93) after the
title of the song that sounds like it was recorded live. I seem to
remember that they played a double bill that night. In my opinion this
record is a must buy for anyone who wants to get an idea of the type of
stuff that's really going on in the alternative Chicago music scene.
Urge Overfart, Smashing Flumpkins, Lizzy Fair, and Verukkka Salty have
nothing on these guys. Too bad they aren't around anymore. Shit.

from Cadence Vol. 22, No. 6, June 1996, pg. 33
written by Andrew Bartlett

On a completely staggering note, The Flying Luttenbachers present
a re-issue of their LP Constructive Destruction. Herky-jerk thrash
und drang
is the fare here, and some fare it is. Ken Vandermark
and Chad Organ comfortably careen from melodies to skronk blasts on
their horns as Dylan Posa's electric guitar scratches and claws out
clunks sound for an aural impact that is deadly humorous and inventively
fun. Punk rock, of course, is a meaningless category these days, and
in this raucous taciturnity may be the future of avant rock, though
much credit is due here to such wayward fliers as Captain Beefheart,
Henry Cow, and Heldon, among others. I should make it abundantly
clear that the sound quality here is like the music: raw. But that
proportionality is a welcome reminder that this isn't so much well-
oiled art as it is grinding cacophony - and happily so. Where
Vandermark's tenure in the NRG Ensemble, as documented on Calling
All Mothers
, is rife with glides and shifts into comparatively
sublime textural studies, the Luttenbachers are a study in the
extremity of registers.

from Lumpen Times Volume 3, Number 21, pg. 47
written by Crib Lovecraft

Ok, so you like jazz.
Or you like metal
and noise
and dissonance
and chaos.
Ok, so you need to go buy this record.
This is terrific jazz. Blasting with caffeinenergy. Non-stop.
An incredibly assaultive music. The Flying Luttenbachers could be
the first jazz band to get rotation on Headbanger's Ball. Screaming
sax, sizzling guitar, thudding bass, and free-death drums. Like a
circus caravan on crystal meth in a firestorm. Or gypsys stealing
your child and mutilating it before your eyes. Nero fiddling while
Rome burned. You get the idea? Do not try to fuck to this album.