God Is My Co-Pilot
Getting Out of Boring Time, Biting Into Boring Pie

This 10 inch LP was released by Quinnah in 1993,
in a limited edition of 1000. It is long out of print.
The music was reissued in 1997 by Meldac Corp on GodCo's
"The History of Music Volume 2" compact disc.

Sharon Topper - vocals, objects
Craig Flanagin - guitar, drums, objects, machines
Gen Ken - projector
Michael Evans - drums, objects
Fly - vocals, juice harp
Andy Haas - didgeridoo
Larry 7 - marimba

Track Listing

Starch & Chafe
Defer To Avert
Plaid Skirts/Well You Needn't
Ant Circus
Move The Moon
2 Amis
"Bicycle Girls"
Looks Like It Feels
Look In & You'll See Who I Wish To Love Me
Funeral Horse
Furbearing (Mammal Mambo)

Recorded at Plastikville Studio, New York in 1993.

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