Paul McGann

"I came back to life before your eyes..."

The Eighth Doctor --
Paul McGann

The Eighth Doctor will probably be remembered as the most romantic. From his soft eyes and smooth voice, to this childlike innocence and sense of duty, he is the perfect romantic lead. But, he is the Doctor-- a Time Lord -- an alien. An odd mix, but one that Paul McGann pulls off nicely.

Out of all the actors to play the Doctor, Paul McGann had the most to prove. The series had been dead for seven years and few thought it would ever return. Now it was back, with a new producer, a new format, and (eek) American financing. A lot was riding on the movie and McGann. Would the character work? Would the show be popular with people other than (double eek) fans?

Paul McGann proved that the character still worked. The Eighth Doctor has an electricity about him, an excitement. He’s filled with the joy of living, getting his pleasure from in the minutiae of life; a piece of music, a pair of comfortable shoes, his own name.

Sadly, the production side of the Eighth Doctor’s only (televised) adventure didn't meet many of the expectations set for it. Ratings in the States were low, though in England and Australia the movie rated quite well. Fans were uncomfortable with some of the revelations about the Doctor and some of the Time Lord's actions were unpopular.

In 1997 BBC Books began a successful series of original novels featuring McGann's Doctor. The books have expanded on the characterization of  the Eighth Doctor as seen in the TV movie, giving  the newest incarnation of the Time Lord a distinctive and original personality and his adventures a style all their own.

As for whether or not the Eighth Doctor will make another televised (or film) appearance,  who knows...



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