Colin Baker

"I Am The Doctor. Whether you like it or not..."

The Sixth Doctor --
Colin Baker

Colin Baker's Doctor is one of the most controversial. From his patch-work or "yuck" coat to his abrasive personality, Baker was a far cry from the mildness of his predecessor Peter Davison. Still Baker loved the role and embraced the character whole-heartedly, adding an exciting verve to the Doctor.

Sadly, it was during Baker's tenure that the show was temporarily taken off the air-- axed by executives who didn't like the show in general and Colin Baker in particular. When Doctor Who returned eighteen months later it was with half the number of episodes of the previous season and a slightly less complex Sixth Doctor.

However Baker's second season was to be his last. BBC execs didn't renew his contract (which had conveniently run its course during the hiatus) and Baker didn't have the heart to return for a brief regeneration appearance. So, for the Sixth Doctor we are therefore left with these odd last words..


REGENERATION---"Carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot juice..."

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