Picture of Slaar an Ice Warrior

The Seeds of Death

"We do not need an army. Earth will
be ours for the taking -- very soon
--- Slaar, Episode Two

The Story:
Earth, 2044. The world has become dependent on Travel-Mat, a form of instantaneous travel, for transportation of goods and people around the entire planet. Moonbase controls T-Mat, with other control centers around the globe acting as relay stations. In T-Mat Central, Miss Kelly, the coordinator of T-Mat on Earth, watches as the travel system breaks down and all communication with Moonbase is lost.

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive in a space travel museum. The proprietor of the museum is Professor David Eldred, a once a respected designer of rockets; rockets made useless by T-Mat. Commander Radnor, the head of T-Mat, visits Eldred and asks for help in getting to the Moon during the T-Mat crisis. It turns out Eldred has been secretly building a rocket. Eldred, at first is against the idea, but is finally persuaded by the Doctor who volunteers, along with Jamie and Zoe to pilot the rocket.

Meanwhile, Ice Warriors have taken over Moonbase. The Warriors, led by Slaar, an Ice Lord have killed Osgood, the station commander, and several others, but left some alive. Among the survivors are Locke, Phipps and Fewsham. Slaar orders the three to repair T-Mat (Osgood disabled the system before he was killed). Locke and Phipps instead re-establish communication with Earth for a brief moment before being discovered by Slaar. A Warrior kills Locke, but Phipps escapes and finds a hiding place in the solar energy room. Slaar tells Fewsham the now he, alone, must repair T-Mat. Fewsham says he isn't qualified, that the only person who can fix T-Mat is Miss Kelly on Earth.

Supervised by Miss Kelly and Eldred and with a governmental push from Radnor, the rocket and its three astronauts are ready to launch. As the rocket heads to the Moon, T-Mat comes back on-line: in "Receive" mode only. Over the objections of Radnor, Miss Kelly takes two technicians and T-Mats to the Moon. There, Fewsham tells her that Osgood went insane and killed all the crew before killing himself. Kelly quickly repairs T-Mat. Slaar and his Warriors come out of hiding and take Miss Kelly prisoner after killing the technicians.

Picture of Miss Kelly
Miss Kelly

Phipps establishes contact with the rocket in flight to the Moon and tells the Doctor of the Ice Warriors. The Doctor tells Phipps that he will make contact upon arrival. The rocket lands, but not without some damage. The Doctor finds Phipps and the two decide the only way to stop the Warriors is to put T-Mat out of action. Zoe determines the rocket cannot make the return journey, so she and Jamie try to head off the Doctor before he destroys their only means of getting back to Earth. On their way to T-Mat Control, Phipps and the Doctor encounter a Warrior holding Miss Kelly hostage. The Warrior sees them, shoots and misses. Miss Kelly uses the opportunity to escape. A chase ensues. The Doctor runs into a dead end and is captured. Phipps and Miss Kelly, along with Jamie and Zoe, take refuge in the Solar Energy Room.

In T-Mat Control Slaar tells Fewsham that soon he will dispatch cargo to certain cities. The Doctor is brought in. He asks Slaar about his plans. How can the Ice Warriors invade Earth through T-Mat when their forces are so limited? Slaar shows him a container full of seed pods. Curious, the Doctor attempts to look inside the container when the Warrior guard is not looking, but he is caught. Instead of shooting him, Slaar orders the Doctor to take out one of the pods. The Doctor does so, and the pod promptly explodes in his face. The Doctor falls to the floor...

Slaar has Fewsham send seed pods to key cities. When the pods arrive, they explode, killing anyone in the vicinity and releasing seed particles into the air. Outside seed pods begin to grow, becoming a fungus that kills plant life. Slaar also sends a Warrior to Earth. The Warrior treks overland, killing anyone who gets in his way. Finally he reaches the Weather Control Bureau. There he destroys a set of controls and waits.

Jamie, Zoe, Phipps and Miss Kelly make plans to retake T-Mat. They decide to re-adjust temperature controls and turn up the heat.. Heat will disable the Ice Warriors. Phipps and Jamie head to the control room and overhear as Slaar orders the Doctors "body" to be T-Matted into space. Working quickly, Jamie and Phipps remove the back panel from the T-Mat cubicle and rescue the Doctor. However, neither Jamie nor Phipps can fit through the small hatch into the Control Room.. The only one who could fit is Zoe.

Zoe is able to sneak into the Control Room and adjust the temperature controls. The heat slowly rises, but an Ice Warrior spots Zoe as she tries to escape. Phipps shouts out a warning and is killed. Fewsham saves Zoe by knocking the already drowsy Warrior to the ground. Zoe, Jamie and Miss Kelly and the Doctor (now fully recovered) make plans to return to Earth via T-Mat. Fewsham agrees to dispatch them, saying he will follow using a time-delay mechanism. Miss Kelly says she thought the mechanism was inactive. Fewsham says he repaired it and sends the group. But, Fewsham lied: the time-delay does not work. Fewsham wanted to remain on the Moon.

Slaar staggers into the room and, with extreme effort is able to re-adjust the temperature controls. Fewsham tells the Ice Lord that he was afraid to return to Earth because of what they might do to him there. Slaar tells him that the Martian fleet plan to land on the Moon and invade Earth using T-Mat, after the fungus has done its work. Fewsham agrees to help with the plans.

On Earth the Doctor sets about investigating the fungus that has begun to cover the planet. Nothing, it seems, will destroy it. The Doctor also learns of the Ice Warrior who T-Matted to Earth.

Picture of The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe covered in fungus
Zoe, Jamie, and the Doctor
covered in fungus

The Doctor and Eldred investigate the fungus and discover that ordinary water will destroy the fungus. He asks that Zoe and Jamie tell Radnor to contact the Weather Control Bureau and ask for as much rain a possible, over the entire country. When they can’t contact Radnor or the Bureau, the two decide to go to Weather Control themselves.

The Doctor and Eldred return to T-Mat Central where, Miss Kelly and Radnor are busy preparing to launch a satellite that will do the same job as T-Mat Control on Moonbase. The Doctor races to Weather Control when he learns that Jamie and Zoe didn’t tell Radnor about the rain and that the Ice Warrior was last seen in the area of the Bureau. At Weather Control, Jamie, Zoe and the Doctor destroy the Ice Warrior with a solar energy weapon. The Doctor repairs the damaged controls and sets the weather controls for rain.

However, there is still the threat of invasion from the Moon. The Doctor uses the newly launched satellite to send a signal that will lead the Martian fleet into an orbit around the sun. Fewsham provided the signal just before Slaar murdered him for treachery. The Doctor T-Mats to Moon and disables Slaar’s signal. Now the only signal comes from the satellite and that signal sends Martian fleet, led by the Grand Marshal into an orbit around the sun. The Doctor and Jamie (who T-Mats in at the last moment) destroy Slaar and the remaining Warriors with a combination of the solar energy weapon and the Warriors' own sonic gun.

The Earth returns to normal. Miss Kelly is all set to repair T-Mat and build in safeguards. Eldred argues that they shouldn't "put all their eggs in one basket" and that a fleet of rockets on should be on permanent standby. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe quietly slip away.

Outside there is rain. Lots of rain.

Story Code: XX -- Six Episodes
Originally Transmitted: 25 January to 1 March 1969

Cast and Credits:
Doctor Who:
Patrick Troughton \ Jamie: Frazer Hines \ Zoe: Wendy Padbury
Miss Kelly: Louise Pajo \ Slaar: Alan Bennion \ Fewsham: Terry Scully
Eldred: Philip Ray \ Radnor: Ronald Leigh-Hunt \ Ice Warriors: Tony Harwood, Sonny Caldinez
Written by: Brian Hayles
Directed by: Michael Ferguson
Produced by: Peter Byrant


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