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An Observation:

It is impossible to tell anyone anything web-related with using the phrase "Check It Out".

Go ahead. Try it.

Try to use another phrase when telling someone about that article in the newest issue of Wired or next time you download a great bit of software from the Net and loan it to a friend, or when you tell everyone you meet about that great ?-Mark website you found. It's impossbile. I, myself, have used "Check It Out" at least twice on these pages (I may have used it more than that, its hard to tell. The damn phrase is like breathing; you only notice when you aren't doing it).

Whoa. Wait a minute. What about "Take a Look"? you say. I say, close, but no cigar. Though "Take a Look" is a strong contender, and is used heavily by web-novices, it will never be the phrase of choice. How can it compare graceful, roll-off-the-tongue simplicity of "Check It Out" or any of the various "Check It" derivatives. As the commerical said "Never had it, never will".

Here Endeth the Bullshit.

Here are there are the rest of my pages. Check 'em Out.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

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