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Over the years the Ice Warriors were supposed to appear in stories that, for various reasons, were never made or went through dramatic changes before reaching the television screen.

These "lost" adventures would have featured new facts about the Ice Warriors along with new insight into their history and culture. They also would have played a significant role in lives of the Doctor and his companions.

Melted Ice is your guide to the Ice Warrior adventures that never happened. Discover what might have been by visiting the pages listed below...

  • The Lords of the Red Planet
    Was Slaar the only Ice Lord on the Moon? Was Miss Kelly once a man? The Seeds of Death was never like this.
  • The Shape of Terror
    In the beginning The Curse of Peladon had no Ice Warriors and wasn't even set on Peladon! Here's how the story started out.
  • Ice Time
    Were the Ice Warriors part of a motorcycle gang in London during the swinging sixties? Was Ace going to go to school on Gallifrey?
  • The Dark Dimension
    The Sixth Doctor defends an Ice Lord at trial? Ice Warriors, Daleks and Cybermen team up   to fight the Fourth Doctor who never regenerated?  What's happening here?


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